Friday, 14 August 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 134 English Translation

Apparently to some this'll just be another unreadable, not understandable mess translated by somebody who's first language isn't English and is Asian. The internet's kinda weird, isn't it? Ahem. Anyway, while I know that it may not read or flow the best, it is still understandable so if you can't understand, then you're probably just an idiot who doesn't understand English yourself. Also, if you have problems with my TL's or anything in general, then the least you could do is actually bring those problems to me instead of bitching elsewhere so I can deal with them. That's all, so thank you, and enjoy the chapter.

P.S. - Michelle and her father talk to each other about the latter (even her father himself) in third person, but that's just how the Japanese speak, so I had to adapt it. Example: "Michelle, will you come with father?" to "Michelle, will you come with me?" See what I mean? I just wanted to bring that up. Also, on pages 2-3, it actually says, "A light of life flickers. Between the threshold of life and death she is!", but that sounds a bit odd so I changed it to "A life light flickers. She is between the threshold of life and death!". There's also some other stuff but I doubt anyone's interested.


  1. leave your father and go with your boyfriend, good job michelle, i love you

  2. Are you talking to me? I don't know those two on 4chan, link please. If you said I'm an idiot, well sir you are at least an IMBECILE and should learn how to read. I've never said you are Asian or that English is not your fisrt language, actually I said the opposite. I said you don't understand some kanji. English may be your first language but your translations S-U-C-K, end of the story. Compare them to the official translations by whoever sells this manga in US or UK. I bet they are completely different

    now all of a sudden you realized you were wrong and started adapting? What a concidence LOL

    1. Sheesh. Why would I be talking to you? I'm speaking generally. It's not aimed at individuals. Though you'd noticed that if your ego wasn't so big and didn't see everything as an insult directly aimed at you. Also, if you're trying to say that I'm an imbecile, then try to at least spell correctly yourself before doing so. Anyway, if you're just gonna come on here and attack me like that, then please show yourself out. I'm not here for this kind of shit unless you've got actual criticism that isn't "hirpty derp shit sucks because I say so". Have a nice day.

      P.S. - I didn't literally mean two people on 4chan. I just threw out a random number. And it was in the Terra Formars threads on there, but they've been long archived and deleted.