Saturday, 29 August 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 136 English Translation

Had a fucking hard time with this one due to the insane and taxing redrawing of the title page and some other parts and some odd translation stuff, too, and I know the redraw on the first page looks like shit but I had very little to work with so that's the best it's gonna get with my abilities. Anyhow, everything else is fine so there's no much wrong with this chapter. Though I'd prefer an actual redrawer to help me but it seems I just have to do every fucking thing myself like usual. Meh. Also, I just felt like changing things because reasons, so Kai says "Hold up" instead of "Don't move", and at the "smacks lips" point, it says "slap" but that's just SFX for "smacking lips" while spitting not that the SFX at that point is for spitting, so I jived up the TL and added in "smacks lips" because so we uh soma suicide squad. Furthermore, the "in the next chapter" part was unreadable so I just "improvised" and added in that special something Terra Formars is missing. And lastly, enjoy the credits page. I know you guys love em! Man am I feeling pissed!

P.S. - Added a music player on my blog with some music from Terra Formars and other shows I like, FYI. Enjoy! Umm, meh! Also, I have no clue what that "woman of four" part is meant to imply. Meh!


  1. Thank you very much for new chapter. Last picture again looking kind of gay.

    1. indeed, i hope there will be no more gay stuff in next chapter, its giving me bad taste in my mouth

  2. Thank you dude. Awaiting chapter as always. Greet from Indonesia :^)

  3. thanks for the chapter but, please no more gay stuff in credit page, girls will be better specially michele

  4. Just awesome, waiting for the next chapter (y)
    Greet from germany :)