Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Terra Formars: Recent Developments

Well fuck me sideways. Seems that another group has started scanlating Terra Formars. And oh my god why is EVERY PAGE watermarked!? That aside, this totally came out of nowhere and they didn't even mention WHY  they started translating this series, and yes, I checked. I mean, is it fame? ATTENTION? Money??? Meh. I'm not too pissed or annoyed at this, but the fact of the matter is, this doesn't only affect me. I mean, I also work with two Spanish groups and a Brazilian group who receive my PSD's and clean images, so what'll happen to them? Not that anybody gives TWO SHITES other than myself and those involved. Anyway, in other news, it seems that ;display has finally released the previous volume (13) which I'm really glad to see. Thought they'd gone and died on us. However, things are smelling kinda FISHY with their release and Imperial Scans chapter 140 being released on the SAME DAY. Is it a deterrent against me, or am I reading too much into this miraculous coincidence and being unrealistically pessimistic? It's probably just a BIG coincidence. That said, I'll drop the link for their volume 13 release below, so please check it out for their sake. It took them a long time, and even though it is overdue, their constant work on the series since it started needs to be respected. Though if they needed help on anything, it's not like I wasn't open to lending a hand. Just sayin'. Umm, moving on.

Now, to answer the question which all of you are probably asking yourselves: will I be continuing the series? Hmm. I don't know. You see, I'm a one man show, and Imperial Scans is an entire group of from what I see on their credits page 10 FUCKING PEOPLE (overkill much) who will be releasing weekly, and that's just something that I BY MYSELF can't compete with. I mean, I translate, redraw and typeset everything by myself, and the only thing that I don't do is transcribe, which in itself is the smallest part. More so, I haven't even started on chapter 140. So where does that leave me? Limbo? Meh. All said and done, I'm STILL going to translate and release chapter 140 since that'll be the end of volume 14. After that, I honestly don't know. I COULD start working on Rain Hard and translate that instead, but the quality and accuracy of Imperial Scans needs to be checked out. FYI, I don't like their style of translating, nor ;displays, but I'm sure that a lot of people say the same thing about me. Anyway, I want to wait and see people's reactions to recent events and if or not you guys or those on the net want me to continue. See ya, and I'll see you next time. Bye!

P.S. - I rant on stupid things. Don't take anything I say too seriously or at face value. Also, I just randomly put emphasis on words just because. Don't take much by it, either.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 139 English Translation

Sucks, because I really wanted to use this (yes, I am that insane) for this week's credits page, but it turns out that the transcriber doesn't want her name on something like that (not that I blame her) and wouldn't send me anymore JP documents if I used it. So, I settled for "aids for mars", and yeah, I know that's like choosing getting raped in the mouth over gangrape. If you're into that sort of thing. Still, I TOTALLY understand because OH my fucking god is that what I think it is? Hee hee. Anyway, I'm really glad to have this chapter done since I can now work on that SUPER secret manga project I have in the works. And guess what, it's a secret! Bye!!! Enjoy the chapter!!!! Also, check out Bruce Campbell on page 18. If chins could kill!

P.S. - For anyone wondering. I don't hold a grudge or anything of the sort for those who may think otherwise. I just like to post about shit related to the scanlation of this manga. And that's all, folks. Actually, I didn't bother to redraw the rest of the Chinese (where the scans come from, FYI) text on the first page like last time. Found it hard and it looked really bad when I attempted to redraw so I just left it in. Removing their group's logo is enough, anyhow. In others words, I got kinda lazy. Ah ha ha ha ha! Again, the "five landing rotation method" is some kind of 5 step landing technique which I could only find info for in JP, so my bad if that lines comes off really awkward. And lasty, (what's up with me, can't I end a post normally?) I couldn't read the JP for "in the next chapter" so I just made something up. Umm, bye.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Saikano: Saishuu Heiki Kanojo English Translation Project (PS2)

Now, this is just something I’ve been having on the side until I finished translating just the prologue of the game, which wasn’t that long ago. However, I don’t want to TL any further since I may or may not even get help to hack the game and rip the graphics nor be able to implement a translation of what I’ve done or if I translate any further. And now we come to the reason for this post. I just want to put out there that if somebody has the know-how of hacking PS2 games and making changes to their respective font files, then please contact me as soon as possible so that progress can be made. I really want to translate this PS2 game, but I don’t have the technical know-how nor the contacts to make it happen. However, translating is my game and that’s what I do, so obviously somebody else has to help out and do the rest.
Chise, what did they do to you?
Anyway, here’s a little about the game from what I’ve seen. It’s a visual novel, obviously, has path routes, granted, has dialogue choices, granted again, multiple endings, granted again again, and mini game dialogue choices and various other minigames? Okay, that one I didn’t expect. Now, at certain points in the game you have the ability to drag your cursor and pick something that you can see on screen, either that be planes in the sky or Chise’s face or clothing and the like. However, you only get one choice most of the time so choose wisely as it does affect the following scene, a few lines of dialogue, or your relationship meter with Chise. Kinda odd since I’ve never seen that in a VN before. Interesting. (FYI, talking about the cursor minigame.)
Riveting, isn't it?
Furthermore, the cursor pick mini game isn’t the only one I’ve seen as there are also a few others. First up is some weird minigame where dialogue flows around the screen and you have to hit a key to select one of them, I think. Anyway, it affects the following scene since what you choose is what you say, again I think. I haven’t bothered TL’ing the minigame parts or their tutorials, was lazy. Moving on. Second is some character card picker minigame which first appeared at the end of the game's first chapter, and from what I can tell, whoever you choose gives you either a bonus or minus in your relationship with Chise. The characters are Chise, Akemi, Atsushi, Fuyumi, and Tetsu, and their respective increase or decrease are as follows:
  • Chise + 1
  • Akemi + 0
  • Atsushi + 1
  • Fuyumi - 2
  • Tetsu + 2
Moving on. What I like about this game is that it actually gives you the chance to change events in the story. You can stop the world from ending, save Akemi from dying, end up with her or Fuyumi, and that’s actually a great appeal seeing how everything ends in the anime. Hubba hubba. Also, I don’t know if this always happens or not depending on your choices, but it seems that Take doesn’t die during the bombing of Sapporo, and instead lives. Interesting. I wonder what else this game has in store. Anyhow, the music is actually pretty good and I am liking it. And while the graphics may not be the best thing in the world, it manages to maintain the artstyle of the anime which is a major bonus that I really appreciate. 
What? Don't judge me.
However, it does tend to borrow a lot from the anime itself which in itself is a little worrying. Event pictures and even backgrounds seem to have been lifted for use with the game, and a ton of anime clips, too. But! I think the reason they did that was to first be cheap, and second, to maintain the artstyle of the anime. And guess what, it worked! Unsure, but I wonder if any other anime VN’s did this. Kinda unique if you ask me. Also, 15 minutes of new animation was drawn for the game and that I was able to rip with help from the God of War himself, Kratos. You can find the video on Youtube, but sadly, the quality isn’t that very good since YT likes to crush vids into ugly messes. Still, I have the original video file and I always will. Hee hee. Lastly, as with many VN’s voice acting, it tends to be rather flat and uninteresting at times. However, it’s not the worst I’ve ever heard so it’s mediocre at best.
And now we’ve finally come to the end of this post. Aww, too bad. I was getting kinda excited. Still, I hope you enjoyed reading as this game is rather obscure. It was only uploaded on JP game sites in 2012 which is the time that I downloaded it, but it died not long after and the only reliable, working link that I know of is the one that I myself uploaded, and that’s worrying. Furthermore, there’s isn’t exactly much information about the game itself on the net, so if anyone ever comes to looking for info, I guess right here would be their first stop. Anyway, if anybody knows of PS2 hacking groups or anyone who has the skills to help me out, then please fire them my way or at least let me know. Thank you for reading, and see you next time.

P.S. - I’ve only played as far as the start of the second chapter, so I’m unsure what the rest of the game holds in content. But if you’re interested in seeing for yourself, then I recommend you to download the game off my blog and try it out. Have fun!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Terra Formars: Hentai Edtion & Update!

I’m unsure if you guys who visit and comment on my blog here know, but remember that joke hentai chapter of 138 I released not long ago? Well, it’s funny because that actually got uploaded and approved on batoto, and man oh man is that hilarious. Everybody flipped their shit in the comments section and that was a sight to see. Heh heh. Though one guy saw it as a “translator tantrum” and I have no clue what he’s talking about. I mean, he even thinks that the uploader of the chapters on there is me when it’s not, and that I did the hentai joke chapter because of him. Get your facts straight, buddy. To clear things up, my intention was to see if it would be mirrored across all online reader sites just to fuck their shit up. Anyway, among various other things, a few people also got pissy saying that what I did was childish. Well, all I gotta say it, come on, laugh a little. No hard feelings, eh? All in all, it got removed presumably a few hours later, but that was enough time for a lot of people to see it. Hee hee. What do you guys think of that event? Pretty funny, huh?

Anyway, now onto to something else. Well, you know the current situation with ;display, so are they dead or what? I mean, if they don’t put out the volume they’re working on, who the hell’s gonna be doing the volume releases? I don’t wanna do ‘em. I got enough shit to work on, and even a new manga series I’ll be translating. Though give or take a few months and we’ll see if they put it out or not. I hope they do. However, if they don’t, is there any interest in wanting me to pick up where they left off? Not trying to take anything over, just curious in what you guys think seeing how the volumes will be sitting on a to-do list for the entire series if ;display die on us.

P.S. - That hentai post was just a one off joke chapter, so I won’t be doing anything like that again, FYI. Hee hee. Though it was kinda funny.

Review: Iron Virgin Jun (Manga)

And this doesn't even happen!
Okay, next up is Iron Virgin Jun and then that’s more or less all the Nagai manga that I’ve read which I’ve reviewed, except the original Devilman and a few other things like Violence Jack since I don’t think I even need to review those. Anyhow, Iron Virgin Jun. Hmm. This is an odd one because I think that it actually had potential. Now, let’s give you a small summary of the plot. There is a rich family full of muscled women and people marry in and out for money and power. However, the daughter doesn’t exactly want an arranged marriage, and thus our story ensues into wacky adventures of her mother attempting to get her married. Simple enough. But! This is where it goes wrong because the way it is handled by Nagai was off by a long shot because if he actually stopped putting in so much goddamn weird crap, it could have been much better and actually passable. Let me explain. Okay, her mother wants her daughter to marry into companies for power and profit. Right, we got that.
Japan in a nutshell
However, right off the bat the first guy we see trying to “woo” her attempts to rape her while she’s restrained (mother doesn’t want her to escape), and this isn’t the worst to happen. Second, her Aunt or something comes back from the Amazon and mentions to her “the romance of the jungle” and we see an image of her in a jungle surrounded by animals. Yeah, way to live up beastility, Nagai. Sheesh. Hmm, though I wonder if that’s a reference to that story Nagai wrote where a woman crashes into the Amazon and gets raped by everything in sight. Worth a thought. Also, Japan’s fucking weird! Nagai, too! Ahem. Moving on. Third, when she runs away from home her mother puts out an award stating that the one who rapes her gets to marry her and enter the family. Yes, that’s right, you can get paid for rape! Where do I sign up? Ahem. All that sexuality and stupid crap aside, the jokes and comedy present in Iron Virgin Jun is actually pretty good and very well done. For one thing, Akira and Asuka from the original Devilman make an appearance and it's very funny. Amenhotep made me laugh my ass off, and just the absurd style and course of events is ridiculously hilarious if you can get past the misogyny. And, no, I am not from tumblr. All in all, Iron Virgin Jun is an odd piece of work in that it had potential like many of Nagai’s works, but falls short due to its various mishaps and plot elements and scenes which hold it back. I’d say check it out, but don’t blame me if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t leave an impression. See ya!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition English Translation Announcement

The greatest love story ever told
Heh heh. Yes, now I have my eyes set on the special edition of the very first Girlfriend of Steel. And while I know that there are only a few new scenes added and that everything else was translated back in 2003, I'm still gonna go ahead and check over the entire game's script to fix things up to become more literal and accurate to the Japanese script, fix those literacy errors, and make it more my own overall. In other words, it's a retranslation for the most part. However, that's not to say that you won't see some similar things seeing how aspects of the previous TL was pretty spot on for the most part, but only for the most part. Here's a few examples. The original TL is the above and my new retranslation is the below.
Don't go inside, you'll get scolded by the policeman.
If you go inside, you'll get scolded by a policeman.
With such a clear physical evidence, they still call it "a mysterious moving object."
Despite such clear physical evidence, they still call it "a mysterious moving object."
I don't want to be late so I'll go ahead.
Since we are late, I'll go ahead. 
Hey you, honor student! Where are you going!?
Hey, honor student! Where are you going!?
You're... Ikari-kun?
Ikari-kun... right?
It's pretty.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Now, while I know that more literal doesn't exactly mean better, I still think that it should be preferred rather than rewriting/rewording lines, and wording here and there. Here's a few more examples. Note how the previous TL is not totally off, but off by a bit. Furthermore, there is a complete lack of "ne" at the end of a shitton of sentences and that's a major glaring issue, as well as adding in questions despite the sentences being used don't have a "ka" or any related particle. Though the TL is from 2003 so I shouldn't be as harsh. Still, the comparisons are below, and note how Asuka is suspecting the new transfer student and not calling her strange. How did that happen? It's totally off.
Must be a strange person.
I'm quite curious, aren't you?
A new classmate is transferring in today.
A new classmate has come to change schools today.
Let's make friends with her.
Try to get along, okay?
I guess I'll have to give her a greeting.
Well then, guess I'll have to give my greetings.
If you don't mind, could you tell me your first name, Ikari-kun?
If you don't mind, tell me your first name, Ikari-kun.
In addition, note how they mention that the transfer student is a girl despite not actually knowing that. Kinda weird, huh? Well, that's because they don't say "her" since Japanese a lot of the time is like that and it's left up to interpretation in a translation. Anyhow, enough of me picking on the original TL. Mine won't exactly be God-Tier, but it'll be an improvement for the most part, or at least I hope. Now, I uploaded a short video to Youtube the other day as a test, but please take note that I will be making changes since I was working off a script and didn't exactly have visuals or context while I was translating.
The misc JP lies elsewhere and not in the exe, FYI.
Moving on. I also translated the setup utility so you too can also fiddle around with the settings beforehand. I hope people appreciate that. Anyway, what excites me about the special edition is that the game can go up to 1920x1080 and it actually looks pretty good, aside from the subtitle cut off that is. However, I fiddled around and found the best option for a widescreen monitor supporting 1920x1080 and the like is the 1680x1050 option. There is room for the subtitles if you use that setting. However, please take note that any or most lower resolution settings in windowed mode shouldn't have that problem. Furthermore, a recent Microsoft security updates disabled an old driver from Windows Server 2003 that allowed the game and many others to not run, and that is a major problem. However, I posted on fuwanovel and got an email from somebody not from that site who noticed my post and ran into the same problem not long after I posted informing me about the solution and what caused it since I had no clue why the game stopped running. Anyhow, that's just for reference since I know more people will run into that problem. Lastly, have a Mana, and I hope you are excited to replay the game with an updated translation, new scenes, and the game in general in higher resolution. See ya! Bye!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Review: Cutie Honey (Manga)

Man has it been some time since I read this and Iron Virgin Jun. I mean, I completely forgot about both after reading them over a month ago. Still, like before, late is better than never so on to the review. Now, Cutie Honey is classic Nagai as classic Nagai can get. It pulls all the jokes and is very fun and entertaining to read overall. That said, I actually really enjoyed it and didn’t have much problems with it at all, other than some of the fanservice which went a bit too far, the eyebrow raising violence, and that attempted rape scene. Well, not some of the fanservice, just mainly this one scene. Let me begin. Cutie is fleeing from the Panther Claw and has only one transformation left, so she decides to turn into a statue to fool the enemy. It works and they leave after many grizzling hours later. However, Cutie can’t leave immediately after they do, no sir ree, as she has to stay put until the coast is clear. Oh-oh, this can’t be good. Not long after the villains leave, that reporter guys old man and brother come into the park and immediately notice the nude statue. Hubba hubba. They approach it and notice how lifelike and realistic it is, and being the perverted old man and child they are and the fact that they are Japanese, they begin to touch the statue. Oh-boy, oh, boy, oh-boy! Ahem. They realise that it’s not only realistic, but that it’s also warm to the touch, and that it becomes wet after being licked. And this is where things take a turn for the worse. Okay, get this, the old man begins sucking her nipples and the kid starts to lick out her crotch…….. what!? I mean, Nagai has done weird things in the past and I totally think that this one takes the cake, but is it even legal? Just look at that! I feel that this part could have easily been omitted or changed as it’s not funny (unless you think rape jokes and groping is funny) and freaking creepy. And the joke is that she has to endure their "assault" since she can't move or make any noise. Laugh.
A typical occurrence in Japan
That aside, Cutie Honey is very funny and very entertaining to read, and actually still holds up today which is a major bonus. You will laugh hard, and be dying to read more. However, that’s not to say it’s perfect or doesn’t have any flaws. It’s sadly only two volumes long and I just know that it should have been much longer or at least 5 volumes for a story of this type. And for one thing, some of the plot threads tend to be rather generic like an enemy disguising as that reporter guy to get closer to Cutie to try and kill her, but I think that’s because like Mazinger Z and a bunch of Nagai’s other works, they are the one’s which started it all and are what following manga and anime took inspiration from. Therefore, even if they come off as so, we can still appreciate them for being the forerunner of today’s manga/anime and their standards. Now, lastly I would like to mention that there is surprisingly a tad bit of violence present in Cutie Honey. It was really puzzling because it should be more comedy focused like its anime counterpart. However, that in itself is a staple of Nagai’s work since he always does this sort of thing and because this is also not the first time I’ve encountered a work of his and brought up the same notion. Remember Guerilla High/Gakuen Taikutsu Otoko? Could have worked better as solely parody/comedy manga, but Nagai is Nagai and his insane, unique way of creating manga is one of his biggest appeals that allows him to stand apart from most other manga authors out there. All said and done, classic Nagai is classic Nagai, so if you’re avid fan of his works or a fan of manga in general, then I recommend you to check Cutie Honey out. You won’t regret it.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 138 English Translation (The Real One)

This didn't take long to translate since there actually wasn't much text in it. Though what took quite a while was the redraw that I had to do. Anyhow, seems like we'll be nearing the end of this volume. Yippee! Roach action soon, but not the kind of action I posted last time, FYI. See ya! Enjoy!

P.S. - Some of the lines I found hard to TL so I just adapted. Mainly the last line Michelle says, FYI. Also, excuse me for my joke, couldn't help it. Gave a few of you nightmares, huh? Also, made a mistake on the last chapter with Ivan's dialogue at the part where he says, "I understand", since it was actually, "I don't understand". Got it wrong since he spoke in slang and I didn't notice that. My bad. FYI, the transcriber I have noticed that, so thank her for that correction.

The "is that the village of moza" line was a mistake. It actually says, "you call that a punch". Googles & Bings failed me on that one. And thank the anon on mangafox for the correction.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Ayanami Raising Project - How to Unlock Asuka (NDS)

Noticed some people asking how to unlock Asuka in those Evangelion Blu-Rei threads on /a/ recently, so I thought that I should get off my butt and put out a guide. Though I really should have done this when I released ARP way back last year. Anyhow, there are two options open to players who want to unlock Asuka. I'll provide both options below so choose your fancy and get to it.

Number 1 - The old fashioned way by fulfilling these specific requirements which in fact pops up with a simple Google search, so I'll dump that below which is from here.
  • Unlocking Asuka: For those of you who want to unlock everyone's favourite semi-demonic redhead, here's what to do: 
    • 7/3: Send Rei to school on this day, and you get the 'Asuka transfer' event. 
    • 11/27-12/1: 'Shinji's recovery' event. 
    • 12/11: Send Rei to school, and you get the 'Quarrel between husband and wife' event. 
    • 3/29: Rei's 'Kaworu' event.
Number 2 - Just simply enter this cheat code using action replay in an emulator. Tested with NO$GBA, the best emulator to play Ayanami Raising Project on.
    • 02121918 0000001F (Unlock Asuka)

Now, if you have any questions or need further instructions, then please do not hesitate to ask. And lastly, here is a document which features all the other cheat codes available for the game, albeit in Japanese since that's where I found them. Have fun! See ya!

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2nd TL Notes

My bad. I actually added to this in the progress of translating GOS2 but forgot to upload it when I finished the TL. Anyway, it's here now. That said, it's just a collection of terms used in the game and relevant links for those who may not understand what they are or are just plain interested. You'll find the link to the document below. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 137 English Translation

I detest redrawing very much. I'd prefer to just translated and typeset. Meh. No point bitching about it for the millionth time. Moving on. Anyhow, my brother didn't have to transcribe (type up the kanji) this chapter for me like before and many of the other chapters as I am now receiving kanji documents from the Spanish which will save me some time on each chapter. And that's why there's a new name on the credits page. She requested a credit, and I can't emphasise enough how fucking much that credit needs to be there. I mean, wow! Bam! Puwa! Michelle to Kasei Gokiburi Kindan no Jouji! THANK YOU! Ah! Exhausted. All said and done, enjoy and the chapter and the credits page. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

P.S. - I know people really don't like the credits pages, but sadly, they will not change. I've evil that way. Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Also, took advice from people on /m/ and will be saving as web png from now on. Looks much better. Thanks guys. Furthermore, my bad for the chapter being a few days late. I was working on that Neo Devilman chapter. Anyhow, the "nuuu" at the start was SFX for "creeping behind" so that didn't exactly translate.

Fixed a line or two. Made a mistake with Ivan's dialogue at the part where he says, "I understand", since it was actually, "I don't understand". Got it wrong since he spoke in slang and I didn't notice that. My bad.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Neo Devilman Volume 3 Chapter 2 English Translation

This one took a bit longer due to the fact that there was some redraw that I had to do, two double pages that required connecting plus redraw and quite a bit more text to translate and typeset than the previous chapter. Furthermore, it kinda cut into Terra Formars so expect that out early next week. I'm only starting it now since I finished this Neo Devilman chapter. Sorry about that. Anyhow, this was another weird one so don't blame me if you can't make heads or tails of it for the most part. I could explain for those who may not understand, but I don't want to leave any spoilers here so e-mail me or something like that if you want. See ya, and I hope you enjoy the chapter! Snake dong FTW!!!

P.S. - I translated the SFX this time round and I'm liking the result, but I'm not the best with fonts so I was unsure which to use.