Monday, 21 September 2015

Review: Iron Virgin Jun (Manga)

And this doesn't even happen!
Okay, next up is Iron Virgin Jun and then that’s more or less all the Nagai manga that I’ve read which I’ve reviewed, except the original Devilman and a few other things like Violence Jack since I don’t think I even need to review those. Anyhow, Iron Virgin Jun. Hmm. This is an odd one because I think that it actually had potential. Now, let’s give you a small summary of the plot. There is a rich family full of muscled women and people marry in and out for money and power. However, the daughter doesn’t exactly want an arranged marriage, and thus our story ensues into wacky adventures of her mother attempting to get her married. Simple enough. But! This is where it goes wrong because the way it is handled by Nagai was off by a long shot because if he actually stopped putting in so much goddamn weird crap, it could have been much better and actually passable. Let me explain. Okay, her mother wants her daughter to marry into companies for power and profit. Right, we got that.
Japan in a nutshell
However, right off the bat the first guy we see trying to “woo” her attempts to rape her while she’s restrained (mother doesn’t want her to escape), and this isn’t the worst to happen. Second, her Aunt or something comes back from the Amazon and mentions to her “the romance of the jungle” and we see an image of her in a jungle surrounded by animals. Yeah, way to live up beastility, Nagai. Sheesh. Hmm, though I wonder if that’s a reference to that story Nagai wrote where a woman crashes into the Amazon and gets raped by everything in sight. Worth a thought. Also, Japan’s fucking weird! Nagai, too! Ahem. Moving on. Third, when she runs away from home her mother puts out an award stating that the one who rapes her gets to marry her and enter the family. Yes, that’s right, you can get paid for rape! Where do I sign up? Ahem. All that sexuality and stupid crap aside, the jokes and comedy present in Iron Virgin Jun is actually pretty good and very well done. For one thing, Akira and Asuka from the original Devilman make an appearance and it's very funny. Amenhotep made me laugh my ass off, and just the absurd style and course of events is ridiculously hilarious if you can get past the misogyny. And, no, I am not from tumblr. All in all, Iron Virgin Jun is an odd piece of work in that it had potential like many of Nagai’s works, but falls short due to its various mishaps and plot elements and scenes which hold it back. I’d say check it out, but don’t blame me if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t leave an impression. See ya!

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