Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 137 English Translation

I detest redrawing very much. I'd prefer to just translated and typeset. Meh. No point bitching about it for the millionth time. Moving on. Anyhow, my brother didn't have to transcribe (type up the kanji) this chapter for me like before and many of the other chapters as I am now receiving kanji documents from the Spanish which will save me some time on each chapter. And that's why there's a new name on the credits page. She requested a credit, and I can't emphasise enough how fucking much that credit needs to be there. I mean, wow! Bam! Puwa! Michelle to Kasei Gokiburi Kindan no Jouji! THANK YOU! Ah! Exhausted. All said and done, enjoy and the chapter and the credits page. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

P.S. - I know people really don't like the credits pages, but sadly, they will not change. I've evil that way. Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Also, took advice from people on /m/ and will be saving as web png from now on. Looks much better. Thanks guys. Furthermore, my bad for the chapter being a few days late. I was working on that Neo Devilman chapter. Anyhow, the "nuuu" at the start was SFX for "creeping behind" so that didn't exactly translate.

Fixed a line or two. Made a mistake with Ivan's dialogue at the part where he says, "I understand", since it was actually, "I don't understand". Got it wrong since he spoke in slang and I didn't notice that. My bad.


  1. ok, now i really sure you are gay Pearse Hillock

    1. Come on, it's just there for trolling purposes so you shouldn't take it at face value. Or would you rather have this for the credits page?

  2. Thanks for new chapter but again gay stuff on last page.