Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 138 English Translation (Joke Edition)

Here's the next chapter. Not too happy with it but it'll do. Meh. Enjoy!

Chapter 138 Read Online (Never)

P.S. - A joke post. For future reference, just ignore it.


  1. Heey guys common its just a joke, be paciente, he will translate the chapter its not easy to do something like that so understand it and show some respekt hehe

  2. Yup, just a little joke. I should have 138 out later on today hopefully.

  3. Katunarski, who are you talking about? Plus as well Pearse, the fact that re-drawing is giving you shits sucks but once Uni ends in a month I MIGHT (hint at the word MIGHT by the way) be able to help you out and do a few chapters to speed up these chapters.

    1. Maybe he misunderstood NeoNidus's comment to be offensive. Who knows. Anyhow, it would be mighty great of you to help me out with redraw, but I won't hold to a hope that you "might" actually do it. I've had bad experiences with that sort of thing in the past. Still nice of you to mention it, anyhow.

  4. Look you offer him your help thats nice but you dont need to insult him, take the joke or comment nothing i mean no one wants to hear bad comments on his platform ( btw i dont want to attack no one)

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  6. I didn`t laugh so hard in a long time! Am your fan forever.

    Dont worry about new chapter. I dont mind waiting .