Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 138 English Translation (The Real One)

This didn't take long to translate since there actually wasn't much text in it. Though what took quite a while was the redraw that I had to do. Anyhow, seems like we'll be nearing the end of this volume. Yippee! Roach action soon, but not the kind of action I posted last time, FYI. See ya! Enjoy!

P.S. - Some of the lines I found hard to TL so I just adapted. Mainly the last line Michelle says, FYI. Also, excuse me for my joke, couldn't help it. Gave a few of you nightmares, huh? Also, made a mistake on the last chapter with Ivan's dialogue at the part where he says, "I understand", since it was actually, "I don't understand". Got it wrong since he spoke in slang and I didn't notice that. My bad. FYI, the transcriber I have noticed that, so thank her for that correction.

The "is that the village of moza" line was a mistake. It actually says, "you call that a punch". Googles & Bings failed me on that one. And thank the anon on mangafox for the correction.


  1. thanks for the translation, but enough with the yaoi troll please

    1. I've actually almost ran out of yaoi doujinshi covers to use, so you'll probably see the likes of roach doujinshi covers being used very soon.

  2. Thank you very much for new chapter. Great chapter. Please find normal credit page.