Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Terra Formars: Recent Developments

Well fuck me sideways. Seems that another group has started scanlating Terra Formars. And oh my god why is EVERY PAGE watermarked!? That aside, this totally came out of nowhere and they didn't even mention WHY  they started translating this series, and yes, I checked. I mean, is it fame? ATTENTION? Money??? Meh. I'm not too pissed or annoyed at this, but the fact of the matter is, this doesn't only affect me. I mean, I also work with two Spanish groups and a Brazilian group who receive my PSD's and clean images, so what'll happen to them? Not that anybody gives TWO SHITES other than myself and those involved. Anyway, in other news, it seems that ;display has finally released the previous volume (13) which I'm really glad to see. Thought they'd gone and died on us. However, things are smelling kinda FISHY with their release and Imperial Scans chapter 140 being released on the SAME DAY. Is it a deterrent against me, or am I reading too much into this miraculous coincidence and being unrealistically pessimistic? It's probably just a BIG coincidence. That said, I'll drop the link for their volume 13 release below, so please check it out for their sake. It took them a long time, and even though it is overdue, their constant work on the series since it started needs to be respected. Though if they needed help on anything, it's not like I wasn't open to lending a hand. Just sayin'. Umm, moving on.

Now, to answer the question which all of you are probably asking yourselves: will I be continuing the series? Hmm. I don't know. You see, I'm a one man show, and Imperial Scans is an entire group of from what I see on their credits page 10 FUCKING PEOPLE (overkill much) who will be releasing weekly, and that's just something that I BY MYSELF can't compete with. I mean, I translate, redraw and typeset everything by myself, and the only thing that I don't do is transcribe, which in itself is the smallest part. More so, I haven't even started on chapter 140. So where does that leave me? Limbo? Meh. All said and done, I'm STILL going to translate and release chapter 140 since that'll be the end of volume 14. After that, I honestly don't know. I COULD start working on Rain Hard and translate that instead, but the quality and accuracy of Imperial Scans needs to be checked out. FYI, I don't like their style of translating, nor ;displays, but I'm sure that a lot of people say the same thing about me. Anyway, I want to wait and see people's reactions to recent events and if or not you guys or those on the net want me to continue. See ya, and I'll see you next time. Bye!

P.S. - I rant on stupid things. Don't take anything I say too seriously or at face value. Also, I just randomly put emphasis on words just because. Don't take much by it, either.


  1. Dont worry, about other groups. I will read your release as usual because you are doing everything alone . For a long period of time you are the only one that been translating Terra Formars.

    I will continua coming to your blog not only for TF . You have a lot of interesting projects.

  2. ^ Me as well. I really appreciate you for translating TFM for us.

    Did you said you're planning on translating TFM Gaiden Rain Hard? If so, I'm looking forward to it. Also, what about TerraFo Police spinoff?

    As for Imperial Scans, it better not be "one- time release". tease thing.

  3. Thanks for at least putting in the effort more than most people on this project, it seems like your being ousted by a major corporation but I would love to see some Adolf action and at least have it officially done by someone decent. But I think there would be no hard feelings if you moved aside and asked these guys to give there scanlations or whatever to the other groups you help.

    Thanks for all the hard work


  4. Scans of volume 14 are ripped & posted online, you could always go back and typeset them til you see how far imperialscans sticks with this latest bandwagon jumping.

  5. well, thank you for your release so far, but for now, just pick another project, at least until they drop it , then you can pick it up again

  6. Well, to be honest, Hillock-san, I kinda support all scanlators' hardwork.. we (the readers) are just mere peasants compared to you noble people..

    As for Terra Formars' spinoff, Rain Hard, I, or perhaps, we certainly welcome & look forward to read 'em.. I know that other TF spinoffs are not appealing to your goodself. But, I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for the English scanlation (& for you to change your mind).

    Thanks again for your hard work, & I agreed that Kyochuu Rettou is really interesting.