Friday, 16 October 2015

Kyochuu Rettou: Recent Developments - Official JP Site Removes Chapter Reading

Fuck! Seems that the web viewer on the official site for the chapters of Kyochuu Rettou have been deactivated. Fuck! Now only the first and most recent chapter is available to be viewed. Fuck! Fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!!!! Ahem. Now, what does this mean may you ask? Well, for one thing, I won't be able to view the kanji for translation save for chapter raws 1-8 which have already been put online at Bezald Family, and the most recent chapter, number 15, I think. And second, now I have to frickin' search the net to see if there are any scans or rips of the JP web release, and I doubt there fucking are. Sheesh. I'm pissed off even more so because I planned to fuckin' screencap the chapters this coming Monday to have a backup just encase this sort of thing happened. Fuuuuck! Didn't expect it to be this soon. The second volume isn't even out yet. So that was sort of my personal cut-off date to screencap the chapters. Meh.

Anyway, the first and second volume (2nd coming out on the 20th this month) are available to buy and I already ordered the first a few days ago (before I knew this happened), so I guess I'll have to go ahead and order the second volume sooner or later as well. Meh. However, most of the following chapters are 18 pages long after chapter 4 so possibly most of what was on the JP official site I already have, or is in the second volume so there is still hope yet. We'll have to wait and see on that, though. Hmm. Also, the Chinese have done all chapters available (1-15) but like most Chinese groups they love to have shitty, ugly, fucktard watermarks on their images. Then again, I could use that for scans and the like but that still leaves kanji to be translated, and ain't no way in hell am I going the Song Dynasty route. Ugh! O, woe is me. Meh. Again, we'll have to wait and see what happens, so that'll be all for now. Umm, bye, I guess. 

P.S. - Thanks to the guy who requested me to do this manga for informing me about this. I wouldn't have known myself until I would have went online to the official site this coming Monday. Thanks, bud.

Actually, it turns out that those Thai guys got me scans of chapters 3-15 and wow did I not expect that. Now I don't have to remove watermarks and I can get the kanji. Yes! God bless Thailand.
Anyway, a lot of the info in the main post of this blog post I wrote before knowing that I got scans of chapters 3-15 from those Thai guys. Though at least this post will let you know that I ordered the first volume, that the official site removed the reading of chapters, and that China sucks cock.