Sunday, 29 November 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition Progress Update - 29th November 2015

Meh. It has been a while since I last did a progress update for GOSSE so I might as well get off my ass and do one. Now, I'll try not to bore on forever so I'll do my best to keep this short. That said, you'll be happy to hear that I finished translating the games main script not long ago, and also near finished bug fixing and play testing most of the game as well. Neat stuff, because there's not much left to do other than to translate the 2/3 of the new scenes and new ending that's left to do and the rest of the fixing and play testing. Yippee! At my current rate, I should have it out by Christmas.
At any rate, there's also a few TL things that I'd like to mention. First, the previous TL team translated "child soldier" as "junior member" for some reason even though the JP says child soldier. What went wrong there? Anyway, I'll leave the line below so you can see the difference. Original above and mine below.
I'm a junior member of the military assigned to observe the daily life of Shinji Ikari, the pilot of Eva Unit 01.
I'm a child soldier of the military assigned to observe the everyday life of Ikari Shinji, the pilot of Eva Unit-01.
Lastly, they TL'd Cozy Corner as Koji Corner. But, I guess they listened to the dialogue and couldn't understand what Asuka was really saying. It was in English and the Japanese aren't very good at speaking it so that's understandable. Also, FYI, Cozy Corner is a pastry shop in Japan so that scene was kinda a reference of sorts to it, and them getting it wrong kinda took away from that. Just sayin'. Now, there hasn't been much stuff they got wrong for the most part since it's more of a play on words and the like. And that's more or less all I want to say for now. See ya!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Terra Formars Gaiden: Rain Hard Chapter 2 English Translation

Okay, to be brief, I don't want to partner with those other guys on this anymore. They're taking way too long (cleaning and redraw mostly) and they're asking me to deliver translation and typesetting to them, not them just giving me the clean and then putting it out. Understandable, but that's not how I want to run things. I do everything on my own for the most part, and I do not want to be held hostage like that. The translation and typesetting are the two biggest things that go into scanlation and no way in hell am I giving that to people I don't even trust. Then again, that works both ways so I kinda understand why they wouldn't just send me the clean. But! They were looking to put out their own TL alongside mine and I presume it would have something to do with mine being giving to them first. See what I mean? There's no real assurance what'll happen and I know that's just me being pessimistic, but I'd rather not risk something like that.

Anyhow, now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about Rain Hard. Now, there's isn't really much to say other than a few lines were awkward to translate, and I even ran 'em by a friend just to be sure. And, since I'll be working by myself on RH, you won't have to wait a month plus for the next chapter. Yay! And, I translated Rosa's "Ado-kun" to Ado dear" since just Ado seems a bit awkward. Also, just wondering but is there any interest in me doing that Asimov spin-off by Boichi? It's looks odd, but it might be at least entertaining. All said and done, hope people won't get too triggered by the credits page. Hee hee hee. Umm, bye!

P.S. - I still used the transcribe they gave me for this chapter. Also, some JP was missing so I had to do those small parts myself, FYI. That's why I get a little credit for that, too.

Oops. Left a box blank on page 23. Silly me. Fixed now.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 151 English Translation

Yup. Got it done. Now, I just want to let you guys all know that I may or may not be continuing depending if I get some help or not. That is to say, it is very taxing on myself, not to mention depressing doing it all by myself so this time round I'd like some help. I've already posted a topic on batoto and mangahelpers, and I got a cleaner who contacted me by email, but he's not the best and I had to run filters to fix up what he sent me.

That said, on to translation stuff. Now, Mangastream got everything down pretty well across the board, and while there were some fumbles here and there, it's probably just adapting certain lines and stuff like that. However, there were a few eyebrow raising things. First, the first line on page 2. It doesn't say "who sent it", but rather "It's where?". As if, they didn't expect the ship to be at Mars, hence the line. That, and anybody who can check an online dictionary can tell you that. What happened there?

Anyhow, they also got the roaches "johji" wrong, they had just "Joh" which was wrong. Did they even look at the line? Seriously, some people. And lastly, "The Design Republic"....... what? Back up, back up, back up, back the fuck up! Okay. Let me get this straight. Here is the JP for that line "デザ共和国"!  Now put that into google translate, and see what you get. But! Hold up. Read it phonetically. What does it say? Hmm. I can't hear you. Speak a little louder. It's fucking Deza! Not fucking "Design"! Moreover, you even see Japanese products with Deza on 'em when you google the fucking characters! Gah! Just guess how they got "Design"? Just guess. Ugh. Anyhow, "if" it was "デザイン", then yes, it would be design, but that's not the given letters. Anyway, their TL is fine for the most part but they seriously need to check things over.

All said and done, you'll see for yourself how some lines are worded very differently so I say judge for yourself. They're mainly how one can take the same line very differently, and what being more literal is like. Other than that, let's wait and see if anyone lends a hand, I'll see you next time, and you can find the links below. Bye!

P.S. - Left out the ads at the end. Don't care much for them. Also, I'm not a good redrawer so that's why some pages have bad redraw on 'em. I mainly clone brush and try to cover it up, so I'm not very skilled. Poor me.

Actually, the Deza thing was Design since it was an abbreviation of Dezain which means Design. Though I searched the internet and the online dictionaries beforehand and it didn't say that it was an abbreviation of it. Hence, why I left it Deza. Anyhow, doesn't really matter. I doubt I'll get any help to continue the series past this point.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Terra Formars: Mangastream and Imperial Scans

Figured one of those ad revenue redirect sites would pick up Terra Formars knowing that IS did the same probably for the same reason. Anyhow, it is odd because even I noticed (and a few on 4chan) that near enough everything with MS when compared to IS releases of Terra Formars are the same. Typesetting, scans, various names on the credits page and much much more. For one, seems like they more or less merged with Mangastream to form an even bigger group and wow oh wow just look at the many names on that credits page. Sheesh. They must really want that ad revenue.
Now, from that and from what I've gathered on the net it seems that IS didn't exactly disband, but rather just go somewhere else than the retiring due to life and such like the message on their site detailed. However, that probably just applied to the sites main lead than the whole group, but they really should have been more forward and direct as to what was happening with themselves and the series and be more open and transparent. I mean, it's just eyebrow raising. We all know it's about those Chinese raw providers in Japan who got arrested and all the backlash that been happening recently. There's no shame in acknowledging that much.

Anyway, MS picking up the series won't deter me from working on the series. In fact, due to them keeping it available only on their site (even if it is reuploaded elsewhere) works more in my favour because it won't be available to everyone else and not everyone will go to their site to read the series seeing how most people read it off the various major read online sites at their own leisure. That, and a few other reasons but there's no need to list them all. All in all, it's good to be back on the series. Can't wait to see the reaction to my next credits page. Heads will roll! Ah ha ha ha ha!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Terra Formars: Keiji Onizuka Spinoff & Series Update

Now it seems they've launch yet another spinoff. I mean, come on, enough is enough. And it's also "before the launch of the annex" just like that Asimov spinoff. Any connection there? Who knows. Who cares. Anyhow, this one's got Keiji in it and everybody loves him, so it may actually turn out to be good. Though we'll have to see what the artwork looks like before assessing that. All said and done, here's a link to it's official Japanese site and the ANN article for more info.

Also, just a little update on the main series. Now, I put out a call for help on batoto and mangahelpers and somebody has actually offered their hand to help via email, and clean the raws. Yippee! Now all that's left is redraw to cover and we should be on our way. I myself have already transcribed chapter 151 and started to translate it so things are progressing, just not as fast as many would like.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Terra Formars Update - Imperial Scans is Kill

Yes. You heard it right. Imperial Scans is dead and most of their projects have been dropped, including Terra Formars. Too bad. They were putting it out at a pretty good pace, we almost caught up to the raws and then this happens. Yikes! Anyhow, I know the question you are all asking, even got my own reddit thread, and the answer is yes. I'm not really doing much at the moment and none of it is that pressing. Still waiting on Rain Hard, just finished CH 4 of Kyochuu Rettou the other day and my work on GOSSE is more or less whenever I have time. However, it seems that the Chinese (where I sourced my scans) haven't gotten past 150 yet, so somebody's gonna have to clean the raws for me because I have no clue on how to do that. Tried, and failed miserably, and even if I knew how I'd prefer someone who has more knowledge to do it. Other than that, Jurassic Park should be back online soon enough. What do you guys think?

Friday, 13 November 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition Graphics Rip (PC)

Okay, I have had this ripped for over a month now, but I kinda forgot to upload it like all those Eva games I keep forgetting to. Anyhow, you'll find most (some were compressed differently) of the assets in the download in the varying resolutions that the game supports. I really like how they included 1080p support as all the graphics are in (or near) that resolution, and that's a real good thing seeing how the original was released like back in 97 or 98. Also, there was a few sketches hidden in the game files which I posted on Evageeks and the sketches from the hidden in the regular 97/98 games files some time ago so you might be interested in those. Other than that, you can find the DL below so have a nice day and I hope you enjoy the rip. See ya!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 4 - Part 1 English Translation v1.5

Yippee! Another chapter of Kyochuu Rettou!! Things went pretty well with this chapter and I'm happy with the end result. Other than that, there isn't very much I would like to say other than comment on the sfx on page 19 and Rain Hard. Now, the sfx on page 19 is indeed whoosh, so I presume it to be something like a big reveal with wind blowing by. Just wanted to clear that if encase people though otherwise or were a bit confused.

Anyhow, Rain Hard. Soooo, right before I was going to start work on the second chapter of Rain Hard about two weeks ago, I received an email from a scanlation group by the name of Blast Comic Scans stating that they were working on translating Rain Hard when they realized that I released mine. Long story short, they want to work together on it. And I really don't mind seeing how they'll be redrawing and transcribing while I'll be translating and typesetting. That's why I translated chapter 4 of Kyochuu Rettou in the meantime. Though, I'm unsure when I'll have chapter two of Rain Hard out. They're near done transcribing and I have no clue about the redraw. Meh. All said and done, I hope you enjoy this chapter of Kyochuu Rettou. See ya!

Updated links with the part 1 thing on the title page. Forgot about that. My bad.

Update 19th July 2016
Updated to volume. Links updated. Have fun.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Terra Formars Volume 14 Compile English Translation

Well, it's finally here. Had to go through all the chapters again to check things over, fix my typesetting, some TL things, and a bunch of mistakes that I made. Now, to make things simple let me just go through volume 14 chapter by chapter. However, I'll just mention off the bat that I added little ◆ before the title and end text or whatever the fuck you call it of each chapter, a chapter number in the circle box at the end, example: CH 130, the Terra Formars title whenever it appears, and I fixed some of the next chapter text. Anyhow, moving on.

Chapter 130
Nothing major for the most part save for my blunder on page 8 about who knows about the BUGS 1 wreckage, page 12-13 about the "military fire department" since it was actually a "military and fire department", and the text boxes around it. I have a habit of attempting to translate the text piece by piece and not realising they're part of one flowing sentence. Stupid me. Other that the above, nothing else, really.

Chapter 131
Nothing much. Page 12-13, the chick with glasses recommending an evacuation. I messed up before and took the line too literal before like a dumbass.

Chapter 132
Page 2, the title page. Fixed the "hating humans like a cockroach" line to "in the same way as humans hate cockroaches". How did I mess up? Well, sometimes I translate and don't even read over what I've done to see if it makes sense. Laziness on my part.

Chapter 133
Added a little "you know" to Kai's end line on page 4. Fixed up some of the text in the situation briefing. The "cryopreservation" part on page 10. Michelle's first kiss line. Let me explain. She simply says "first kiss wayo" and the wayo part is merely an emphasis, but that can be translated like a bazillion different ways so first I had "you know" which was stupid since she's happy and it's more like she enjoyed it, so "my first kiss was good", I guess. I'm still confused. Moving on. And a bunch of ateji fixing here and there. Example, the JP characters say "he/her" but above that it in a smaller font it says "first/second". It's an odd thing, really. But the above is "always" what it's meant to say. If that's the case, why don't they just put the above below? Japan's weird.

Chapters 134
Page 9, the "you tell them" to "you tell him". A very minor change, but sometimes I translate the raw text without context or checking out the actual images. Something else I need to stop doing. Anyhow, other than that, I don't think there was any other changes. Hmm.

Chapter 135
Page 4 with Alex, the ateji was "throwing", so I fixed the relevant lines. Some of the text on page 11. Again, my habit of translating lines when they can/go over more than one text box. A few more ateji things here and there, example page 11 "him" to "second". The ending text for page 18. And I have no clue how I forgot to include the "He came" part last time. I did translate that part, but I probably just forgot. Lastly, the "Northern Blazing Asimov". That was an ateji thing as the Northern Blazing part was Sylvester. And that was it.

Chapter 136
Right off the bat I fixed up the title page using the volume raw. Looks much better than the fugly version from before. Reason for that was my poor redraw skills, and the fact that I couldn't even tell what the hell was meant to go there. Anyhow, moving on. Also on the front page I fixed the text; I misrecognized a JP character due to the fugly magazine raws before, but managed to figure it out when I checked it over, and changed "Ares" to "God of War" for consistency seeing how I used the latter in later chapters. Lastly is a very minor edit to Michelle's dialogue on page 11, and that was it, I think.

Note: "Ant Mushroom" is a translation of "Aritake" which is what is used. "Ari means ant" and "take means mushroom". Now, I originally checked that over with a Japanese guy I know and that why I have Ant Mushroom. Then again, I never saw that it meant cordyceps on any online dictionary since it didn't even have an entry. Weird.

Chapter 137
A major mistake I made on this chapter was Bao's M.O. Operation. It doesn't appear on the online dictionaries but I remember searching the net and coming up with shit. Though, I searched it when I went over this chapter and it was right there. Hmm. Stupid me. Anyhow, I'll fill in the rest tomorrow. Again. Tired, and I have to get up early for work in the morning. Meh.

P.S. - Yes, this is my magazine releases crammed into a volume with the extra pages and such translated. Don't blame me, though. It's a lot of work for one person to tackle a volume. Especially when the share raws on the net are complete shit. Anyhow, I did my best so I hope you are all pleased.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Terra Formars Revenge TV Anime Premieres on April 2016

Gack! First another live action trailer and now they're giving us a date for the second season of the anime, and Liden Films is still doing it? Ahh!! Well, that was expected but damn is their animation nasty. I mean, it looks like fucking crap and that's not something Terra Formars deserves. Meh. It did however say in the ANN article that the character designer and director has changed so hopefully it will be better than the first season of the anime. Still, they are adapting the China arc and I didn't really like that part of the manga. Anyhow, moving on.

In other news, I've finished going over vol 14, fixed up my typesetting, my mistakes and a few TL things. The only thing left to do is bolieve and translate the few extra pages. Shouldn't take too long so just bear with me for a little while and I should hopefully have it out sometime next week. Other than that, bye!!!

P.S. - What’s up with the title? Revenge? Revenge against what? China? A stupid title if you ask me.

Friday, 6 November 2015

New Terra Formars Live Action Trailer

No, no, no, no, no, fuck no!!!! Jesus, ah fuck my eyes! My eyes! Oh, God! No!! Just no, no, no, no, no, no, no!! No!! Fuuuuck! You had one job, Japan! Just one! And you done fucked it up! Ahhhh!Anyway, on to the trailer itself. Now, from what we see it looks pretty fucking bad. Terrible design, yellow washed cast, and what appears to be small changes to the plot: random security forces running after Komachi and Aki like they are fugitives (is this the opening to Fortress?)... for some reason.
What the fuck is that thing?
In other words, JUST the movie. I mean, seriously, I swear to god that this will just be as bad as the Attack on Titan live action, if not maybe even worse. Just check out the two images below. Motherfucking God Lee and some emo. Who is he? Because I don't remember him from the manga.
They even managed to fuck up the best character of BUGS 2. Fuuuuck!
And this fish faced mother fucker is who?
Meh. I ain't got much to say on this other than it looks shit and they fucked it up. Though I'll have to see the movie first before giving final judgment. I mean who knows , it may turn out to be good, or just fucking horrible. Meh. What do you guys think?

You might also want to check out the official site of the movie. It seems they’ve added some more info on it including character bios.