Friday, 6 November 2015

New Terra Formars Live Action Trailer

No, no, no, no, no, fuck no!!!! Jesus, ah fuck my eyes! My eyes! Oh, God! No!! Just no, no, no, no, no, no, no!! No!! Fuuuuck! You had one job, Japan! Just one! And you done fucked it up! Ahhhh!Anyway, on to the trailer itself. Now, from what we see it looks pretty fucking bad. Terrible design, yellow washed cast, and what appears to be small changes to the plot: random security forces running after Komachi and Aki like they are fugitives (is this the opening to Fortress?)... for some reason.
What the fuck is that thing?
In other words, JUST the movie. I mean, seriously, I swear to god that this will just be as bad as the Attack on Titan live action, if not maybe even worse. Just check out the two images below. Motherfucking God Lee and some emo. Who is he? Because I don't remember him from the manga.
They even managed to fuck up the best character of BUGS 2. Fuuuuck!
And this fish faced mother fucker is who?
Meh. I ain't got much to say on this other than it looks shit and they fucked it up. Though I'll have to see the movie first before giving final judgment. I mean who knows , it may turn out to be good, or just fucking horrible. Meh. What do you guys think?

You might also want to check out the official site of the movie. It seems they’ve added some more info on it including character bios.


  1. Well I guess this at least answers what I wrote to you about! But the Japanese have got to hate this, I mean who though this was the best idea?

  2. ahahah, fucking crap. Am not sure who wants go watch this, same as attack on titan.

  3. Next thing you know they're gonna have Shokichi try to sleep with whoever Zhang is supposed to be...

    They wouldn't do that right...?

  4. i miss the signature costume , why they use some star wars wardrobe? well i hope it will not as bad as assassination classroom,