Friday, 20 November 2015

Terra Formars Manga Chapter 151 English Translation

Yup. Got it done. Now, I just want to let you guys all know that I may or may not be continuing depending if I get some help or not. That is to say, it is very taxing on myself, not to mention depressing doing it all by myself so this time round I'd like some help. I've already posted a topic on batoto and mangahelpers, and I got a cleaner who contacted me by email, but he's not the best and I had to run filters to fix up what he sent me.

That said, on to translation stuff. Now, Mangastream got everything down pretty well across the board, and while there were some fumbles here and there, it's probably just adapting certain lines and stuff like that. However, there were a few eyebrow raising things. First, the first line on page 2. It doesn't say "who sent it", but rather "It's where?". As if, they didn't expect the ship to be at Mars, hence the line. That, and anybody who can check an online dictionary can tell you that. What happened there?

Anyhow, they also got the roaches "johji" wrong, they had just "Joh" which was wrong. Did they even look at the line? Seriously, some people. And lastly, "The Design Republic"....... what? Back up, back up, back up, back the fuck up! Okay. Let me get this straight. Here is the JP for that line "デザ共和国"!  Now put that into google translate, and see what you get. But! Hold up. Read it phonetically. What does it say? Hmm. I can't hear you. Speak a little louder. It's fucking Deza! Not fucking "Design"! Moreover, you even see Japanese products with Deza on 'em when you google the fucking characters! Gah! Just guess how they got "Design"? Just guess. Ugh. Anyhow, "if" it was "デザイン", then yes, it would be design, but that's not the given letters. Anyway, their TL is fine for the most part but they seriously need to check things over.

All said and done, you'll see for yourself how some lines are worded very differently so I say judge for yourself. They're mainly how one can take the same line very differently, and what being more literal is like. Other than that, let's wait and see if anyone lends a hand, I'll see you next time, and you can find the links below. Bye!

P.S. - Left out the ads at the end. Don't care much for them. Also, I'm not a good redrawer so that's why some pages have bad redraw on 'em. I mainly clone brush and try to cover it up, so I'm not very skilled. Poor me.

Actually, the Deza thing was Design since it was an abbreviation of Dezain which means Design. Though I searched the internet and the online dictionaries beforehand and it didn't say that it was an abbreviation of it. Hence, why I left it Deza. Anyhow, doesn't really matter. I doubt I'll get any help to continue the series past this point.


  1. Thanks for new chapter. Try to insert more songs.

    1. I've been meaning to do that. Added some more there now.

  2. Deza may be short for Dezain which means "design". Did you even think about it? What does "deza" even mean, you genius?

    1. Yeah, got a spanking on facebook from my previous transcriber for that one. Didn't think much about it, but I searched around the net beforehand and didn't find any info saying that "Deza" was an abbreviation of "Design", so I just went with Deza.