Thursday, 19 November 2015

Terra Formars: Mangastream and Imperial Scans

Figured one of those ad revenue redirect sites would pick up Terra Formars knowing that IS did the same probably for the same reason. Anyhow, it is odd because even I noticed (and a few on 4chan) that near enough everything with MS when compared to IS releases of Terra Formars are the same. Typesetting, scans, various names on the credits page and much much more. For one, seems like they more or less merged with Mangastream to form an even bigger group and wow oh wow just look at the many names on that credits page. Sheesh. They must really want that ad revenue.
Now, from that and from what I've gathered on the net it seems that IS didn't exactly disband, but rather just go somewhere else than the retiring due to life and such like the message on their site detailed. However, that probably just applied to the sites main lead than the whole group, but they really should have been more forward and direct as to what was happening with themselves and the series and be more open and transparent. I mean, it's just eyebrow raising. We all know it's about those Chinese raw providers in Japan who got arrested and all the backlash that been happening recently. There's no shame in acknowledging that much.

Anyway, MS picking up the series won't deter me from working on the series. In fact, due to them keeping it available only on their site (even if it is reuploaded elsewhere) works more in my favour because it won't be available to everyone else and not everyone will go to their site to read the series seeing how most people read it off the various major read online sites at their own leisure. That, and a few other reasons but there's no need to list them all. All in all, it's good to be back on the series. Can't wait to see the reaction to my next credits page. Heads will roll! Ah ha ha ha ha!!

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