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Terra Formars Volume 14 Compile English Translation

Well, it's finally here. Had to go through all the chapters again to check things over, fix my typesetting, some TL things, and a bunch of mistakes that I made. Now, to make things simple let me just go through volume 14 chapter by chapter. However, I'll just mention off the bat that I added little ◆ before the title and end text or whatever the fuck you call it of each chapter, a chapter number in the circle box at the end, example: CH 130, the Terra Formars title whenever it appears, and I fixed some of the next chapter text. Anyhow, moving on.

Chapter 130
Nothing major for the most part save for my blunder on page 8 about who knows about the BUGS 1 wreckage, page 12-13 about the "military fire department" since it was actually a "military and fire department", and the text boxes around it. I have a habit of attempting to translate the text piece by piece and not realising they're part of one flowing sentence. Stupid me. Other that the above, nothing else, really.

Chapter 131
Nothing much. Page 12-13, the chick with glasses recommending an evacuation. I messed up before and took the line too literal before like a dumbass.

Chapter 132
Page 2, the title page. Fixed the "hating humans like a cockroach" line to "in the same way as humans hate cockroaches". How did I mess up? Well, sometimes I translate and don't even read over what I've done to see if it makes sense. Laziness on my part.

Chapter 133
Added a little "you know" to Kai's end line on page 4. Fixed up some of the text in the situation briefing. The "cryopreservation" part on page 10. Michelle's first kiss line. Let me explain. She simply says "first kiss wayo" and the wayo part is merely an emphasis, but that can be translated like a bazillion different ways so first I had "you know" which was stupid since she's happy and it's more like she enjoyed it, so "my first kiss was good", I guess. I'm still confused. Moving on. And a bunch of ateji fixing here and there. Example, the JP characters say "he/her" but above that it in a smaller font it says "first/second". It's an odd thing, really. But the above is "always" what it's meant to say. If that's the case, why don't they just put the above below? Japan's weird.

Chapters 134
Page 9, the "you tell them" to "you tell him". A very minor change, but sometimes I translate the raw text without context or checking out the actual images. Something else I need to stop doing. Anyhow, other than that, I don't think there was any other changes. Hmm.

Chapter 135
Page 4 with Alex, the ateji was "throwing", so I fixed the relevant lines. Some of the text on page 11. Again, my habit of translating lines when they can/go over more than one text box. A few more ateji things here and there, example page 11 "him" to "second". The ending text for page 18. And I have no clue how I forgot to include the "He came" part last time. I did translate that part, but I probably just forgot. Lastly, the "Northern Blazing Asimov". That was an ateji thing as the Northern Blazing part was Sylvester. And that was it.

Chapter 136
Right off the bat I fixed up the title page using the volume raw. Looks much better than the fugly version from before. Reason for that was my poor redraw skills, and the fact that I couldn't even tell what the hell was meant to go there. Anyhow, moving on. Also on the front page I fixed the text; I misrecognized a JP character due to the fugly magazine raws before, but managed to figure it out when I checked it over, and changed "Ares" to "God of War" for consistency seeing how I used the latter in later chapters. Lastly is a very minor edit to Michelle's dialogue on page 11, and that was it, I think.

Note: "Ant Mushroom" is a translation of "Aritake" which is what is used. "Ari means ant" and "take means mushroom". Now, I originally checked that over with a Japanese guy I know and that why I have Ant Mushroom. Then again, I never saw that it meant cordyceps on any online dictionary since it didn't even have an entry. Weird.

Chapter 137
A major mistake I made on this chapter was Bao's M.O. Operation. It doesn't appear on the online dictionaries but I remember searching the net and coming up with shit. Though, I searched it when I went over this chapter and it was right there. Hmm. Stupid me. Anyhow, I'll fill in the rest tomorrow. Again. Tired, and I have to get up early for work in the morning. Meh.

P.S. - Yes, this is my magazine releases crammed into a volume with the extra pages and such translated. Don't blame me, though. It's a lot of work for one person to tackle a volume. Especially when the share raws on the net are complete shit. Anyhow, I did my best so I hope you are all pleased.

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