Friday, 18 December 2015

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition English Translation 1.0

Yippee! It's finally done! Thank fuck! Visual novel translating is a real drag. Anyway, for those who may not know, the Special Edition of Girlfriend of Steel features new scenes, a new ending, the ability to customise the games running resolution up to 1080p, and much much more. The latter being something that the original 97 release never had so that's a feature to come back and read the story again for. Hee hee.
Translated the setup screen so you can customize it before launching
Now, that said, what I did over the past months was retranslate the game line by line and fix everything up. However, that's not to say lines from the original weren't accurate for the most part, just the wording of things so there will be some similarities between my TL and the original seeing how it was spot on for the most part. Furthermore, I did cover some mistranslations the original team did in my progress reports so check them out for more info on that.
Game gave errors when I had commas and such so had to remove them
Moving on. Now, I'll leave clear instructions on how to patch the game files to get the translation running. It's the same procedure as GOS2 for the most part, but there's also a few other things that I want to run by you guys first before that. First, make sure you have Japanese language codec installed and the app locale stuff. That's basic stuff for running JP games. Second, Microsoft released an update the windows this year which turned off a specific driver that was used to run some old games and GOSSE is one of those that was affected. However, check out this thread on fuwanovel on how to get the driver back online and working.
That said, patch instruction time. Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought, me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about, so put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts, yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up. Oh, sorry.
  1. Dump all the files in the "Files to dump" folder into the games directory and overwrite
  2. Open the "Files to patch" folder and patch each file like below
    • Use the included xdeltaUI program to apply the graphics patch:
      • Launch program
      • Select patch file (example: event.xdelta)
      • Select file to be patched (example: event.lb5, the original in game directory)
      • Select where to output the file and make sure to name it for example "event.lb5"
      • Select the patched file and replace the original games with it in the games directory
  3. Do that for all 3 files that need to be patched
    • event.lb5
    • eve1024.lb5
    • eve2048.lb5
  4. Do it like they do it on the discovery channel
  5. Play the game.
Now, I hope all of you can follow those instructions and enjoy the story. I put a lot of effort, time and pain into translating, playtesting and oh god don't get me started on bug fixing or the many problems that I encountered so it better pay off. All in all, enjoy this Christmas present from me and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Dr Jones signing off!

Pearse Hillock                   - Translator/Proofreader/Production/Playtesting & Bugfixing
MarcoL from Team GOS  - For help with GOSSE Tools
Fansubs of Steel                - Original Translation Team

I translated what in-game text and images that I could find in the games files and script but some of it I couldn't find anywhere and others were locked in different file types than the tools I had could decompress. A pity, but what JP you see in the menu's unfortunately stays. Also, I didn't bother to translate the credits this time round again. When you get to the end of translating a big project like this you feel relieved but when you see another huge wall of text to TL it honestly puts you off from translating it.

Update - 20th December - Updated DL Link
Since the graphics side of the patch unfortunately didn't work, I just decided to upload the translation with the edited files. Meaning, you just have to dump the files and that's that. Have fun!

Update - 12th January 2016
Thanks to a friendly email, a bug was reported but I got on that about a week later since I completely forgot. My bad. Anyway, it's just a two small files that had to be edited so you can find the link with the rest above. Just dump them in the games directory and replace.


  1. Great work pal, i'm real thankful for all your hard work.
    I'll make sure to redirect everyone here.

    I´ll download and check how it goes.

  2. I tried, and while the "dump" files work nicely translating the regular text, the graphics patch files refuse to work.

    I tried a number of times, but i get a 日本語 error "Background File xxx.bmp cannot be found" after that the game crashes into desktop.
    You get a prompt of "retry, ignore, abort". Picking "ignore" allows the game to continue, but the background is missing and i was unable to pick more options.

    Maybe there is some issue with how the files are named or something ? Did you install the game somewhere else or something ?

    PS: I used the russian installer you provided just the other day.

    1. I'm unsure why seeing how I did the patch the exact same way as GOS2, but I decided to upload the translation with the edited files so just download that and the edited in-game pics should load.

    2. That was exactly the same problem I had with the xdelta. Thanks for your solution.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Downloaded, overwrote the files and everything worked nicely. GREAT !

  3. Hey, you mentioned a Fuwanovel thread but I can't seem to find a link. Could you help me out?

    1. Oops. Though I linked the text with it. My bad. Here's the thread.

  4. Where's the torrent on special edition (whole game)? i can't find them on any torrent sites (nyaa,tokyotoshokan etc.)

    1. Ha ha. That's the thing, there isn't. The only place I found the game was on Rutracker and the Russian Eva community. It's a rare find and not elsewhere on the net as far as I know. However, that is the reason why I uploaded it myself.

      Here's the torrent link if you're looking to DL it that way.

  5. Been a while since i downloaded the game, sorry to be a bother but i found a game breaking bug.
    After your date with mana, you return to the geofront and eventually are tasked with meeting ritsuko at her lab.

    Issue at hand: you can't. The "passage G-4" choice does nothing.
    Maybe is there a issue with the scripts ?
    I can send you the save file if you want to check it out, but i have no idea where is stored.

    1. Thought I fixed that. Anyway, fixed it and uploaded the patch. Here's the link. My bad for taking so long. Kinda forgot about it.

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  7. Hello, thanks for your hark work.
    However, i would like to translate it in french and i've tried to find the GOSSE / GOS2 tool you were talking about but i didn't find any result.

    Can you tell me how did you extract .ibx and .lb5 files ? (and how to repack if it's not with the same tool ?)

    Thank you !

    1. That's probably because it's on an Italian site. Anyway, pop me in an email and I'll send you the instructions and download link. Also, it's great that you're gonna bring it to another language. The more people the game can be accessible to the better.

    2. I've sent you an email, didn't you receive it ?
      I've sent it yesterday (18 hours ago)

  8. Thanks, i applied the patch and the next event triggered as normal. I'll keep on playing and report back !

  9. Hi! Thanks for the translation! I'm having a bit of trouble getting the game to run. I'm on Windows 10 and when I tried your solution as posted at fuwanovel, I found that I can't get Non-Plug and Play drivers to show up in Device Manager (must have been removed with this OS update). Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Same here, if anyone has a solution please let us know

    2. My bad. Didn't notice your post, unknown. Anyway, it's probably just Windows 10 since it doesn't even have that driver. It was disabled in past windows but 10 didn't even come with it at all. That's most likely why.

    3. I've actually managed to get the driver working on win10. You can either download the secdrv.sys file or copy it from an older windows PC located in "C:\Windows\System32\drivers" and paste it to the same location on the win10 machine. You will have to turn off driver signature enforcement to get it to work. you can do that by following this guide:

      After that start an elevated command prompt and type in the following lines: (press enter after each one)
      "sc config secdrv start= demand"
      "sc start secdrv"
      If it says success then you are good to go, you can launch the game. Although turning off driver signature enforcement is a bit unsafe so be careful with that... It automatically turns back on the next time you boot up your PC. If you want to keep it turned off you will have to edit registry.

      If you don't want to turn driver signature enforcement off then there's always the possibility of self signing the driver which is even a bigger hassle than this workaround... And after all I found the game extremely disappointing, the characters felt out of place, most of the choices I was presented with were meaningless and I couldn't even figure out how to pause the game. This was the first VN I've tried out, and I doubt I'll try another one soon.

      But still, thanks a lot for doing this translation!

  10. Thanks a ton for the Russian installer and the splendid translation. I enjoyed this thoroughly to the end.

    Shinji got here more pussy than he possibly ever could get in the original series (congratulations!).

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  13. Hi, I really appreciate your work on this project! I've been wanting to play this game for years! I'm having a slight issue though, I've got the game to play, but the cut scenes still have Japanese text, despite the fact I put the patch files in the folder, and even applied the fix for the bug. Hopefully someone will be able to help me figure out my problem? Thanks for your time and consideration!

  14. Dude i have a problem! The installation and the patching went great but I cont start the game... I tried the non-plug and play thing but Microsoft removed it for windows 8 and 10, so theres no use! Do you know what should I do?

  15. Hey, I'm running Windows 7 and the game won't work-- it immediately crashes on startup. It works fine WITHOUT the patch; using the patched file breaks it. I noticed the patched event file was approximately 10 MB larger than the original-- did I screw something up?

  16. I'm having some trouble getting the game to run. (And I'm not particularly good at computers). So first I extract all the .zip files and that works fine.
    Then I see the "Files to dump folder in

    GOSSE English Patch\Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition English Translation 1.7z\Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition English Translation 1.01 Patch\Files to Dump

    However, I don't see any obvious game directory, and what do you mean by "overwrite"?

    1. If you can't follow basic instructions, just download the packaged torrent on nyaa that already has it patched. Simply download and read.