Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Terra Formars Gaiden: Rain Hard Chapter 3 English Translation

Gotta stop playing Medieval Total War so much. Seriously causing me to lag behind in this stuff. Anyway, good to get this chapter out. That's us 3/5 for Rain Hard now so it shouldn't be long until it's fully done. Yippee! Then I can move on to other things! And about those other things, I'll be doing a post about that shortly so you guys can know what's up. For one, I'll hopefully have finished Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel Special Edition by this weekend so that'll also free up a shit ton of time to work on other things. It's a visual novel and they take long (an understatement) to translate so it'll be a huge weight off my back. Lastly, there were a few lines that I could difficult so I ran them by a friend, but they're still kinda awkward. Other than that, hope you enjoy the chapter and that special something for the credits page. See ya!

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P.S. - For those who read there, I would post a 4chan topic for the chapter, but I've been banned there for several days due to barbie posting so enjoy this vid in the meantime. Dr. Jones signing off!

Seems that a good anon posted the chapter for me. Yippee! You can view it on the archive here.

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