Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Terra Formars Gaiden: Rain Hard Chapter 4 English Translation

I’ve been lucky in my life, I’ve been lucky, I’ve been lucky in my life, I know I’ve been lucky in my life, I’ve been lucky and I thank you for this light, oh good Lord! Oh, sorry. Yes, I managed to get another chapter of Rain Hard our before Christmas as a little present. Now we're 4/5 way through so it'll be good to have it finally done hopefully by the end of the year or early next depending on how things go. 
Anyway, not much to say for this chapter's post other than I got banned from 4chan again (fucking reddit mods) so hopefully kind Anon-kun can dump this chapter, and that I got a warning on Batoto (oh, scary) because of the blurred porn that I've been using at the end of chapters. That, and they removed them so I had to reupload 'em with a jolly message for the credits page instead. Anyway, all said and done, hope you enjoy the chapter and have a Merry Christmas! Not that I actually care about this holiday, but whatever! Bye!!!!! I’ve been lucky in my life! I’ve been lucky in my life! I’ve been lucky and I thank you for this light, oh good Lord!


  1. thanks for the chapter, well i hope there will be more appropriate credit page XD,
    so, its one chapter left, somehow i more curious about adolf relation with his wife, will he find out that bitch/whore/slut cheating, i just realize, is it can be categorize as NTR XD but the feels not too strong, since we see a lot of adolf ambition than his love progress, well actually adolf doesnt really look happy with his marriage, but he has some little tinny hope of happy love story though, i believe he will be not too sad if he find out his wife cheating, he will like jus " i knew it, i will never be truly happy" hey i thought barry allen will say that too XD.
    andabout the fight, adolf's friend (cant remeber his name) will surely dead, but maybe he will win, and Adolf will be more ambitious to get stronger plus knowing that his wife cheating, he will just leave her and focus on training XD yeah, you are awesome adolf, real gentleman , too bad when he meet that planaria/paramecia girl that can regenerate her body is at the end of his life, they could be perfect match, since every burn from electricity that come from adolf will be gone in no time so the can do a lot of body touching, you know what i mean. ok thats all i wanna say