Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Terra Formars Gaiden: Rain Hard Chapter 5 English Translation

Wham bam, thank you mam. I'm going wham bam, thank you mam. I'm going wham bam, thank you mam. I'm a true believer, that goes for what I see, and one little flower is not enough for a bee. Going wham bam, thank you mam. Oh, sorry. Anyway, finally we have come to the end of Rain Hard. It was a great ride and I'm glad to be done with it. It was a nice and short little insight into Adolf's past.
That said, there isn't much I'd like to say other than they were a few odd lines as you'll see yourself, there was a good bit of redraw that took a while to do (last page being one), the "pint" part is deliberate (the kanji used was just for a glass so yeah pint) and that I'm getting ready for a wham bam. Other than that, I would like to thank all of you guys who have been with me this far. I really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch. Enjoy the final chapter!


  1. Nice work, still I fuckin' hate this Rosa biatch and it's not blogspot.co.uk but .com

    1. The extension depends on what country you're in or something like that. It's .co.uk for me and presembly .com for you.