Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Terra Formars Revenge PV 1

Ahh! Footage!!!! And the animation looks fucking terrible! What went wrong? Sheesh. I mean, the artstyle does look nice and all and while the animation kinda looks good it's definitely not Terra Formars. Just sayin'. Looks like an American cartoon or something. What do you guys think? I am excited about it, but I just hope it's not a disaster like the first season of the anime. Hope. Also, enjoy the new music on the blog. Ha ha! Dr. Jones out!


  1. Looks odd but we got a really odd director for the new TF season 2 and every thing looks more cutesy. Not the direction I wanted for TF. I wanted things to look nitty and gritty as this is the last series in the world that should look cute.

    But there is one thing that is promising, the footage showed keyframes that are most likely from episodes 9+ so there already finishing it up most likely. This could lead to a second cour due to how far ahead the project is.

    Merry Christmas by the way Pearse

  2. indeed, this teaser trailer look little bit weird, well in japan weird is normal.
    first season was ok, actually i hope second season will be handle by JC stuff, i like their work on prison school