Friday, 30 December 2016

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 16 Part 2 [English] [Manga]

This came out before Christmas, but I wanted to get all of Asimov done ASAP. Anyhow, interesting. A ship off the coast. Seems something will happen sooner or later. Hee hee. GOOD. Just don't kill off any of the characters that I like. I mean it. DON'T. In any case, next I'll be fixing up 5001 Yakuza Wars and then Asimov volume 2 just to get them out there and off my bucket list. Enjoy this chapter. See ya next time!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 15 - FINAL [English] [Manga]

Well, we've come to the end of this side-story, and it was pretty fucking good if I say so myself. WAY better than the main series. Boichi and Fujiwara did an amazing job with this and it really shows. However, sadly, not much people are even reading this and it really makes me sad to be honest. Sigh. Maybe since it's finished it'll get more attention, but that's probably just me hoping. Anyhow, this was a pleasure to work on and I would like to thank all of you who have been supporting me and reading this spin-off along the way.

In other news, this now leaves me with another thing off my list. However, if you want me to work on the main series or another spin-off like Keiji's, then you're going to have to at least cover the costs of the volume itself or give something toward it, and I'll be 100% open with what I'm given if people do. Anyway, enough of that. I'll go over the full volume and fix up mistakes, double pages and stuff like that so check out my blog in future for that. Thanks for reading.

Magic Knight Rayearth - Box & Manual Scans [Sega Game Gear]

There's only one more Rayearth video game box and manual to scan which I'll buy sometime in future since I'm looking a better price than what people are currently offering. Anyhow, enjoy.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 14 [English] [Manga]

Seems I won't finish this before Christmas, after all. Sigh. Well, there is a reason for that. You see, I actually woke up a few days ago in the middle of the night with my left eye hurting like the fires of Hell itself, and I could not see with my left eye for 2 days because of that. It got better as time went on, but I couldn't open my eye so I couldn't work on this or do much, either. So, I just waited it out and I was back to normal within a few days. Luckily enough I got better in time for work I had on that day so it's good that it didn't interfere with anything too important. As for how that happened? Well, I looked it up and there was like a bazillion reasons ranging from a birth defect to eye damage yada yada yada. But the most likely reason is that I slept with my face stuffed in my pillow and cut off blood flow to my left eye causing this fiasco. My own darn fault, I see.

Anyhow, I got on this right away when I could and got it out before Christmas, but I'll have the final chapter out before the end of the year. I think I'll play some more video games instead. Until then. Have a Merry Christmas! SEE YA!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Magic Knight Rayearth - Box & Manual Scans [Super Famicom]

More Rayearth video game scans. Only 2 more games to go. One of which I already bought and have. Arrived today, FYI, Anyhow, enjoy. I'll scan that other one and get it uploaded tomorrow. Gotta work on some more Asimov. Until then.

Futari wa Pretty Cure/Precure Encyclopedia 2 [RAW SCAN]

Bought this myself to scan about a month ago, I think, but I've just been scanning it bit by bit over the weeks as I didn't want it to interfere with my projects. Anyhow, I didn't want to take it apart since it's a nice book and all, so I just shoved it in the scanner. Besides, it's not like anybody actually gives me donations to afford this stuff as it does all come out of my own pocket so don't expect me to take anything that isn't manga apart. Meh. Anyway, I might buy more, but don't hold me to that. If you really want me to scan them, then you're going to have to donation the cost or at least give something toward it. Regardless, enjoy the book.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 13 [English] [Manga]

Only 2 more chapters to go and then it is the end. Also, just encase you don't know and don't read my blogs posts(which I do expect you to do), I dropped the main series of Terra ForMars over a month back and I'm not making a return. Sorry. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter. See ya next time!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 12 [English] [Manga]

Man, Boichi's art is phenomenal. It's really fucking good. Anyhow, I do underestimate myself sometimes as I'll obviously have this done before Christmas. Only 3 chapters to go and then sadly, it's the end of this spin-off. Sign. However, I might consider doing Keiji's spin-off in future, too. Shouldn't be that long. Only a volume or two, I guess. In any case, make sure to check out my post on the newly announced Terra ForMars anime OVA if you're interested. Otherwise, enjoy the chapter, and I'll see you next time. See ya!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

New Terra ForMars OVA announced

Well, I didn't expect this. They're just skipping the Mars Arc right ahead to the Earth Arc. Probably want to boost sales of the current volumes by getting anime people to get into it, I guess. Anyhow, onto the details. From what I've read here, it seems that it's only 26 minutes long so it's most likely just an add for the manga like I thought. However, what does this mean for TF anime in general? Will they use this as a stepping stone for S3 and simply recap the rest or Mars? Or will this be a one-off OVA and they'll do the rest of Mars? Is this simply part 1 of a multi-part OVA? I need answers god damn it.

Ahem. Anyhow, this comes out on May 19th as it's being released with volume 21 which isn't even that far away. Also, notice the difference of the roach's skin colour in the pic above? Well, that's probably because it's an Earth born cockroach which they briefly touched upon during the Earth Arc if you were a bit confused there. But they never said they were a different colour. Hmph. Interesting. In any case, I am excited for this coming out as more TF is always a good thing. However, I'd prefer if they turned Asimov or Rain Hard into an anime, too. I really want that to happen, but it's very unlikely. Sucks to be me. Anyhow, I'll get started on more Asimov tomorrow. Good night, folks!

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 11 [English] [Manga]

Damn, that shit was nasty. What a way to go. Brutal. Anyway, that was a pretty good chapter. I'll keep 'em coming. I'd rather get this done before Christmas before working on those Nagai things. That, and I don't really feel like working on them at the moment. I'd rather work on this as it is vastly more entertaining than anything else I'm working on right now. There's only 4 chapters to go and I should have enough time to get them done before Christmas or if not, then the year's end. Until next exciting chapter. See ya!

Monday, 12 December 2016

5001 Yakuza Wars Chapter 8 - FINAL [English] [Manga]

So sad to see this end. I really wish there was a lot another volume of this since it was actually pretty good. Sigh. Anyway, I'll go over the volume sooner or later and correct my mistakes, fix things up here, yada yada yada and then release the volume as a whole. I doubt you want to hear about the behind the scenes and translation stuff so I'll cut this short. For all those who have been reading 5001 Yakuza Wars (all 5 of ya's), I would like to thank you. I might do more Ishikawa in future, but for now, I need to finish Asimov volume 2 and get another chapter of Full Metal Lady done. Until then. see ya! THANKS FOR READING!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Omorai-kun Chapter 5 [English] [Manga]

Meh. This is getting real annoying. That, it's a drag to translate as there's more text than thought for a simple gag manga like this, and there's no real story or progression on the side of things happening. Is that too much to ask? Then again, I doubt Nagai put too much thought into this when he made it like the dime-a-dozen manga he makes. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter. I'll get right on 5001 Yakuza Wars next.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 10 English

Man, that shit was brutal. Anyhow, I've finally scanned all of the 2nd volume which did take some time to do, but thank fuck it's done now. The entire thing is one train-ride so get ready for MORE action soon. You won't be disappointed. However, I need to work on another Omorai chapter and the final 5001 Yakuza Wars chapter before I'll be coming back to Asimov. Until then. see ya!

Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd - The Missing Colors Box & Manual Scans [Game Boy]

Yesh! This arrived just today so I got to scanning it right away! And that's all the games I've ordered so far because I haven't seen any of the others on ebay recently or at least for a good price. Also, I'm uploading the rest of those Blu-ray episodes now as I kinda forgot and I've had to download a fuck-ton of updates and stuff for my Xbox One. Anyway, enjoy the scans.

Sample Pics

Monday, 5 December 2016

Full Metal Lady Chapter 1 [English] [Manga]

Yup. MORE Go Nagai! Somebody recommend this in the comments section so I decided to check it out and it looks pretty decent. That,  it's only about 120 pages long, and I really don't want to do more Omorai right now. Anyhow, I also took apart and scanned some more Asimov and Cutie Honey The Another today if anyone was wondering. Other than getting some hot glue on my hands today, this doesn't have any chapters so I'll be splitting it into 5. And I'll get on the final Yakuza Wars chapter soon enough. Enjoy the chapter. See ya next time!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Magic Knight Rayearth - Making of Magic Knight & Saturn Game Box & Booklet Scans

Bought the Saturn (Japanese version) and Making of Magic Knight video games fairly recently so I scanned the booklets and stuff that came with them both seeing how nobody else will ever bother to. Anyhow, there was also this data book thing that came with the Saturn game with character pages and the like so you might want to check that out. Other than that, the other things are just your average run of the mill video game manuals, but you might want to check them out regardless. Also, I've ordered the Missing Colours so I'll get to scanning that when it arrives sooner or later. Nothing else to say. Enjoy! See ya!

Sega Saturn

Making of Magic Knight

Sample Pics

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 9 English

Another chapter down. I'll probably be working on the next Omorai chapter or the final 5001 Yakuza Wars chapter next. Anyhow, enjoy. See ya next time!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Omorai-kun Chapter 4 English

I actually spent over an hour looking into this Jesus died on Christmas thing going through various videos and Internet sites from Jesus was Black to bizarre Christian rants about the bible and interpretations and stuff. Did not expect to do that for a Hungarian picture book. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter. See ya next time!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

5001 Yakuza Wars Chapter 7 English

Dang it, there's only one more chapter left, and I'm really gonna miss these guys once it's over because I'd love to see more of them. Such a shame. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter.

Futari wa PreCure (Manga) Chapter 4 English

Pic unrelated
Another one bites the dust. Anyhow, FYI, I'm unsure if I'll have another chapter out by the end of the year. Got other things to work on and this is of the lowest priority right now. Other than that, enjoy the chapter. See ya next time!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 16 Part 1 English Translation

Oh, the chapter is titled Rescue. I wonder if that means rescue will be coming soon, or if this is just them "rescuing" themselves or the separated group. Hmm. I really don't know. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the next chapter so something better happen. Other than that, enjoy the chapter and I'll see you next time. Bye!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

5001 Yakuza Wars Chapter 6 English

Only 2 chapters to go, and that'll be the end of 5001 Yakuza Wars. Shame. I really wish there was another volume or two so that some world building could be done. But that's too much to ask for apparently. Real shame. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter. The next Kyochuu Rettou chapter has come out (it doesn't look very good) so I'll get on that next. Until then. See ya!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Terra ForMars Gaiden: Asimov Chapter 8 English

Happy to be back working on this. The 2nd volume looks great. Anyhow, I'll just get right down to it. I'm dropping the main Terra ForMars series indefinitely, and I actually mean it this time. It takes away way too much from what else I'd like to do, and to be honest, I'm tired of working on it constantly. The only way I will continue it is that if I'm paid to do so or at least given something for it. That's not me asking, this is just me letting you know.

Furthermore, if you want me to do any other Terra ForMar spin-offs such as Keiji's spin-off, you'll have to at least give me money to buy the book. Scanlation is ALL at the scanlators own expense, so the least the community can do is pay for the manga they want done. Now that I've got that out of the way. I'll be working on another Omorai-kun chapter next, then another 5001 Yakuza Wars chapter, and then back to Asimov unless the next Kyochuu Rettou chapter comes out which I always get on right away.

Setting all that aside, thanks for reading (if you read this), and I hope you are all lookig forward to the rest of the 2nd and final Asimov volume. Until next time. See ya!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Go Nagai's Suiko (The Water Tiger) English Translation

This is chapter 4 of the Go-chan volume and it's probably the last chapter I'll do from it. There are a few others, but they don't look very good or worth my time. I'd rather get started on Terra ForMars Asimov since I know people (including me) are actually looking forward to that unlike this stuff where all 5 people read it. Anyway, Suiko was pretty good. Check it out. See ya next time!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Encyclopedia - Cutie Honey

Spotted this on /m/ which then lead me to the Nagai torrent on nyaa that had it. Anyhow, it's an Encyclopedia of Cutie Honey and it was released in 1999. It has some art, info and all that jazz so check it out if you're interested. Uploaded it to mega and exhentai to get it out to more people. Enjoy.

*Requires exhentai access


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Omorai-kun Chapter 1 English

This is pretty funny. Started flicking through it yesterday and laughed immediately. It's really good. However, everything was in plain Japanese but seeing how they are living on the streets and all, I decided to improvise and give their dialogue some flair which you'll see what I mean right away. But, I didn't do that at first as I translated it all normally, but after I had it all done, I felt that it could be much better and thus I spent way more time than I originally though as I ended up drifting around for more southern talk and words than what I know myself, and changing all the dialogue. But it was all worth it.

Anyway, the end result is pretty good if I say so myself so I hope you all enjoy it. The rest of it will be much the same as I feel it makes it much funnier than having plain spoken lines and such. Until next time. I'll be working on another Go-chan chapter titled Suiko which I've been putting off. See ya!

Friday, 11 November 2016

5001 Yakuza Wars Chapter 5 English

That was pretty crazy, huh? But the ride doesn't end there. There's only 3 more chapter to go, but there is still more adventure to be had. Until then. See ya!

Go Nagai - All His Works [RAW SCAN]

Finally got around to taking apart and scanning this and it's pretty neat. There's a bunch of high resolution artwork pics, pics of Nagai, interviews, a history of Nagai's works, a clothing section yada yada yada. So, if you're a big Nagai fan (like me), then you'll most definitely want to check this out. I'll drop a few pics below. Enjoy, and spread the word.

View Online*
*Requires access to exhentai


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

5001 Yakuza Wars Chapter 4 English

That's us half-way through 5001 Yakuza Wars, but it only gets crazier from here on out. You'll see next chapter. Anyhow, I'll be doing another short from the Go-chan volume title Suiko. It looks decent enough. Until then.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Terra ForMars - A New Chapter - #28 (Chapter 201) English

I really liked this chapter. The interactions were nice to see. However, I'd really prefer if Michelle came from a poor family or something similar to those from BUGS #2. I mean, they were all expendable and they knew it. They came from rat-holes where nobody would care if they died or not, and were considered trash. That gave them character. That allowed us to guess what kind of life they may have led and get a glimpse into their character. That actually made them like-ablebecause we could guess what hardships they must have faced in life.

The Annex crew? Not even close. Michelle should have went home to a frail old, sick mother in a cramped poor-ass house like the average American. Not some fancy-ass house. Anyway, I would just prefer it like that. Enjoy the chapter. See ya next time.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Terra ForMars - Volume 18 English

I really didn't want to copy over all the text myself, so I got somebody to do it for me who didn't exactly do the best job as I had to manually go through each page and center the text. Something that I really, really shouldn't have had to do. Other than that minor annoyance, I'm very thankful for the help. Enjoy the volume. I'll be getting back on the main series right away since the raws came out right after the last one's. Until then. See ya!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Terra ForMars - The Mars File - Author, Artist & Other Pictures

Here's those pics of the author and such that I said I'd clean up. They're from the interview section with him, and various others including the artist near the end of the book. Enjoy.