Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Review: Cage of Eden Volume 1 (Manga)

The only reason I read this piece of shit was because everyone was sayin' Kyochuu Rettou was just so similar. Pssh. Bullshit. I read the first volume and it was total junk. Nothing like KR other than students crash land on an island and there's danger! And lewdness! And a smart character! For fuck sake. Those are a given for manga. Seriously, like every frickin' animu/mango has a random smart character and shit like that Prince of Tennis guy. They're a given. And just because the initial setup of KR and COE are similar doesn't mean they are anything alike. First off, the tone and style of both are totally different. COE is a way more generic animu/mango with super eccentric characters, people who eat a lot, stupid anime esque events (spotting chick bathing... really.jpg) and all that shit while KR doesn't. It's tone is more serious and better for the most part. Furthermore, fuck all happens in the first volume of COE while a lot happens in the first volume of KR, and the monsters in KR are actually kinda frightening while COE's aren't. Sabertooth tiger ain't got shit on giant fucking butterflies sucking you dry. Shit's fuckin' eerie while rawww num num num isn't. Anyway, enough with the comparisons. On to the actual review.
Now, Cage of Eden isn't very good. It's a tad bit too anime-esqe for me with it's stupid events, autistic characters and essentially everything. Spotting chick bathing, eccentric characters, ditsy chicks with big tits and dicks, characters who like to eat, edge lords, everyone wants the MC's cock, and all that other shite. It's came off as very generic to me other than the crash landing on island and giant animals setup. Other than that, the characters and storyline are insanely uninteresting. I mean, a giant space-time distortion appears when the plane enters the island's space-time bubble or some shit like it throws them back in time like it's Dino Crisis. What? And I really don't want to know the fuck-up ending that everyone hated. Just no. And it gets even stupider when the students run back into the plane after an animal attack and start to randomly hit each other and there's an attempted rape right out of nowhere but hero mc edge lord save the chick. Realism right there, pal. Just look at that fuckers face below. Awesome way to end a volume, right?
Look at me, I'm so cool. Also I don't like the artstyle.
In other words, it's a reddit manga. A burmese picture book that retarded teens love and adore. Seriously, it's like everybody's eaten so much shit they can't tell the difference anymore. That, or everyone has zero intelligence and can't form their own opinion. Probably both. At any rate, while I only read the first volume, if that still wasn't enough to gauge my attention or at least be entertaining, then I would say that it failed. Hell, the first chapter should have got me interested but it didn't which goes to show that it ain't worth my time and yours. Anyway, that's Cage of Eden in a nutshell and my review. Now, fuck off back to reddit, ya underage cunt.

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