Monday, 8 February 2016

Blog Update - 8th February 2016

Just a little update here for you guys. Now, as some of you may have noticed, the tabs at the top of my blog have been gone for quite some time now. Just over a month, I think. Anyway, in December (if I remember correctly), I received a few DMCA's for those Higurashi Blu-Ray comparison pics I did like fucking last year for some fucking reason. Ahem. Now, they didn't just stop there as they also hit one of my progress updates for Higurashi Rei (even though all that had was the cover of the game and a block of text, but whatever). Why, you ask? Well, I don't fucking know because I wasn't even given a fucking reason. And I appealed but we all know how that always turns out. Like Youtube. You get a general rejection reply without giving you a reason or as to why the DMCA happened in the first place. Wow, thanks a lot, Google. You're amazing. Stupid fucks.

Anyway, just encase anything else were to be targeted on my blog I decided to place the majority of my downloads like the Eva artbooks and such in draft for about a month until things clear. And I haven't got any DMCA's since so I think I'll reactivate those posts and tabs. Not the one's which got DMCA'd but the Eva shit and stuff. In any case, let's just hope stupid shit like this doesn't happen in future. Umm, bye. Captain Jack signing off.

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