Monday, 8 February 2016

Go Nagai World Demon Encyclopedia (Entertainment Bible Series)

My bad. I actually meant to post this a few days after I saw it on /m/ a few weeks ago or whenever that was. Anyway, it's here now so enjoy. It's an encyclopedia of all demons which appear in the original devilman so it is quite a sight. They're all in there, even the one's which appear for just a panel to be killed. Great stuff. It was also nice to see how all the demon's names were spelt and how some translations in the past didn't get 'em right. Neat. Sirene is actually spelt Silence (guess it's pronounced "si-len-ce" like an Italian word or something) and not the various ways the various TL teams have done. Hee hee. This is actually a really great find so thanks to random raws for that one. Yippee. The download link is below so check it out. Cotton Eye Joe singing off.

P.S. - I plan to do the next Neo Devilman chapter sooner or later but I'm busy with Infection at the moment. However, I'll get it done when Infection drops down to manageable 18-20 page chapters.

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