Saturday, 13 February 2016

Infection: Chapter 3 - A Single Life Hangs

Dull dull dull, your lives are oh so dull. You stay inside your sealed house and cower like a frightened mouse, dull dull dull, your lives are oh so dull. You sit inside your bunkers with filters all around, what kind of a life is that when you spend it underground. You never venture outdoors you always stay inside, what kind of a life is that when all you do is hide. Dull dull dull, your lives are oh so dull "Oh my aching back, someone help me please". Young young young, how stupid are the young. A brick could fall upon your head, we'd rather stay indoors instead. Young young young, so foolish are the young. Dead dead dead, you spend your lives in bed. You stay inside and shake with fear should a nasty germ come near, dead dead dead, we'll take that chance instead. You never watch a sunset, or see the light of day. What kind of a life is that when you keep it locked away. You've become pathetic shadows of what once you were...hmmm. What kind if a life is that ten thousand years with her. Dead dead dead, we'd rather live instead. Young young young, how foolish are the young. A brick could fall and crack your skull we're better off by being dull, young young young, we do not trust the young. Dull dull dull, you are extremely dull. Why should we except your lot to stay inside and slowly rot dull dull dull, we'd rather crack our skulls.
Ahhh, tired! TIRED! Ugh. Don't ask how many hours to took to translate and typeset this. Fuckin' knackered. Why is there so much text crammed on to these fucking pages? I mean, Kyochuu Rettou is a breeze in comparison and enjoyable. This? This fucking stresses me out. Meh. Anyway, not much to say other than the Portuguese (who never responded when I messaged them about it) got character names wrong and had "river" for kawauchi even though kawauchi is a fucking distict in Sendai City. Stupid fucks. At least check shit first. Sheesh. Now go watch Lexx, ya stupid, ungrateful, underage fucks. I'm not in the mood. Fuck off.


  1. Thanks so much for the chapter

  2. Thanks man.. keep going!! Is it monthly or what?

    1. Thank you man !! Then i hope more chapters coming :D