Saturday, 20 February 2016

Infection: Chapter 4 - Escape Time

So am I still waiting For this world to stop hating Can't find a good reason Can't find hope to believe in Drop dead A bullet to my head Your words are like a gun in hand You can't change the state of the nation We just need some motivation These eyes Have seen no conviction Just lies and more contradiction So tell me what would you say I'd say it's time too late....
Man, I love that song. Anyway, not really liking how the story is going in this manga so sadly I’ve decided to drop it in favor of other things. The first chapter was decent enough but it has slowly started going downhill because I’ve had a look a the raws and it looks kinda shit to be honest. That, it’s weekly and I won’t be able to catch up to the raws like that by myself. However, hopefully some other group will take over and continue, but if not, I’ll still pump out a chapter every now and then for old times sake. At any rate, sorry to burst your bubble but I really want to get back into Terra Formars. That’s where I’m heading next. Anyway, love you and leave you. see ya! Big meaty throbbing zombie cocks of the dead signing off! It was fun while it lasted. See ya!
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P.S. - I was actually meant to have this out yesterday but I couldn't be bothered and got sidetracked with a few Rayearth things. The latter was more important. Suck it.


  1. Thank you for the chapter! It´s too bad that you dropped the series :(

  2. Thank you. Do what interests you.