Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 8 - Part 2 English Translation

I'm an ass man. Yeah I'm an ass man (Yeah!). I love to love 'em. I love to kick 'em. I love to shove 'em. I love to stick 'em. Love to flaunt 'em. I love to watch 'em. I love to pick 'em. And I'm gonna kick 'em, 'cause I'm an Ass Man. Yeah, I'm an Ass man. Yes I'm an Ass man (Ohhhh). I'm an Ass Man. So many asses, so little time. Only a tight one, can stop me on the dime. I'm a lover, of every kind. The best surprises always sneak up from behind. I'm an Ass man. Yeah, I'm an Ass man. Yes I'm an Ass man (Ohhhh)!
It was either that or "I like big butts". Anyway, got this next chapter done quick. I like that about Kyochuu Rettou since Infection is a real drag with a ton of text and a lot of pages. Kinda why I wanted a nice little break by working on Kyochuu Rettou and playing Rome Total War before hitting the next chapter. Fucking egyptians. I tell ya. Ahem. Anyway, there were a few odd lines in this chapter but nothing major other than that. However, kinda pissed at KR at the moment because I checked out the latest raw and oh fuck why did that have to happen. Meh. Stupid. Other than that, I'll leave you for now. Cyclet games signing off.

P.S. - I'll start on the next chapter of Infection tomorrow.

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