Thursday, 18 February 2016

Magic Knight Rayearth DVD Blu-Ray Comparison

What a terrible cover
Seems that one of my favorite animes of all time recently had BD rips uploaded online. Hee hee. Only took 2 years. It looks great even if it is a filter which is better than nothing. In any case, it does look kinda bad at times but that's due to the drawings not being very detailed in the first place. A good example is the group shot of the villains in the first opening. Their faces are scrunched up so it didn't help when the filters were applied. Food for thought. Also, take note of the now noticeable detail in the cape when it moves in the first OP. It was very faint in the DVD version so I wonder if there's more like that.

Furthermore, the frames seem to have been moved up a little cutting off a small portion of the bottom seen in the DVD version. Worthy to note, but it's not much of a problem. And lastly, the colors are brighter/cleaner making it look much better save for some parts here and there when it is a tad bit too bright. Anyhow, yeah, it is more or less a smudge/DVNR filter but it does actually look better. However, I recommend to watch it from a TV or tablet and not a PC monitor like a pleb because you'll be too close to the screen, you'll notice the filter too much and you'll hurt your back. I approve. Anyway, I'll dump the screenshot comparisons below. They're all from the first episode, FYI. Enjoy. BD is the left and the right is the DVD. See ya!

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