Thursday, 3 March 2016

Magic Knight Rayearth DVD Blu-Ray Comparison - Part 3

You know, I may be a stupid bastard but at least I admit it. That's gotta count for something, right? Anyway, I really should have just done this from the get go but knowing me and my lazy ass I never actually went to compare the raw BD to the DVD myself as those other 4 pics from before were off the nyaa filter torrent as comparison. However, here's about 10 images straight from the raw BD in comparison to the DVD release, and also two other pics at the end of a shitty BD encode I attempted and failed miserably. Granted I've never had any experience with encoding but I wanted to see if it would turn out any good and as you can see it doesn't look very good even though it was at 15000 bitrate using handbrake. In any case, umm, bye.


  1. omg redhead girl looks like ranma in 2nd pic

  2. sorry to say this, but the image for the BD cover looks awful (in the chara design department)

    1. Yeah, it does look really shitty. I think everyone can agree on that.