Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Terra Formars: Chapter 166 (English) v1.01

Got a guy to help me out and level the chapter and also do a bit of redraw. Neato. I also touched up on the redraw at some points and also applied a filter to the scans but it wasn't much effort on my part, so I put it down as misc. Just a little note worth mentioning. Anyhow, that's me 7 chapters in and as you may have noticed, the series has started back up in Jipang. However, I plan to only go as far as that as I'd prefer an actual group with better skills than poor little old me to take over the series from it's March start up. Now, what most likely deterred groups before was 1: crappy scans and 2: English releases were so far behind the raws. But, by the time I catch up, that might get people interested as they you know, will be at the same pace as the Japanese release like all those other series scanlators work on. That's what I'd like. To read it weekly, and not be so fucking far behind. Meh. See ya, guys. Until next time.

P.S. - Had a lot of free time today so I went at it and got the chapter done. Man am I tired now.

Update - 15th June 2016
Chapter fixed. Links updated. Enjoy.