Friday, 18 March 2016

Terra Formars: Chapter 167 (English) v1.01

My leveller/cleaner/redrawer guy wouldn't have the next chapter done until Monday so I just went ahead, jumped the gun and did it anyway. Who cares. I'll just have him do some more recent chapter instead while I play catchup to the raws. Yippee. That way, I can just work through it on my own until then. Also, I attempted a level of the chapter and cleaned it a little to make things more presentable. Really should have done that for previous chapters, but knowing me, I'm a lazy bastard so I didn't. Anyhow, enjoy the chapter. See ya.

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Update - 16th June 2016
Chapter updated. Have fun.


  1. Thanks Pearse! And while I don't know for sure, from your tone it sounds like you're doing a lot better compared to last week. :)

  2. Shit, that was fast. Thank you very much!

  3. Those last pages...........!