Thursday, 31 March 2016

Terra Formars: Chapter 171 (English)

Work your mind mind. Work your body move your mind. Move your mind mind. Work your body body. Work your mind mind Work your body move your mind Move your mind mind Work your body move your Move your body, Every everybody. Move your body, Come on now everybody. Move your body, move your body. Everybody come on now everybody.  You want to move the world, Start with your body. Yo, come on you gotta start with something. If you wanna move your mind, Just move your body. Move your mind, move your mind, It's gonna cost you nothing. You want to move someone, Start with your body. Yo come on and try to move somebody. If you wanna move alone, Then everybody will move along with you.
MOVE YOUR BODY! EVERY EVERYBODY! COME ON NOW EVERYBODY MOVE YOUR BODY! Ahem. Anyhow, taking a bit longer to get these out seeing how I have to do redraw (which half the time I cover with text) and such. That, and I even had to clean away specks of dirt left behind after the Spanish did their clean, rebuild the "end chapter" part in the bottom right hand corner of page 18 as they cleaned that away, and filter the ads at the end myself since they didn't include them. I mean, come on, I really shouldn't have had to do that. In any case, two more chapters to go before New World. Can't wait. See ya!

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P.S. - Seems the JP had "Bladimir .A. Smiles" instead of "Vladimir A. Smiles". Like R & L, other letters are interchangeable. Probably just got that mixed up.