Friday, 29 April 2016

Terra ForMars - A New Chapter - #2 English (Chapter 175)

Well, sucks that another group didn't pick the series up but it can't be helped, can it? Sigh. Back on the slave wagon I go. Hmph. In any case, I'm not really liking where the story is going but something better happen and we better get an update on what has happened to the characters over this year. Did Alex recover from his spinal injury or what? Can he still walk or has he become a bench warmer? There's so much left unanswered and I doubt we'll get answers soon, right? In any case, I hope you enjoy the chapter, and don't forget to check out that Terra ForMars doujinshi I translated. Until next time, see ya!

[Pintsize (Omangarl, TKS)] Michelle to Kasei Gokiburi Kindan no Jouji (Terra Formars) [Digital] English

You probably never expected to see something like this on my blog, but here it is. A Terra ForMars doujinshi. In any case, this was done by commission. A guy saw my message on the last Terra ForMars chapter I put out and contacted me not long after asking about the doujinshi in question, and here we are. Other than that, I haven't got anything else to say. Have fun reading, I'll see you next time, and if there are any doujinshi or manga out there you'll looking to have translated, then hit me up and we'll have. Until then, see ya!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Neo Devilman: Volume 1 - Chapter 3 English Translation

Now this is the weirdest chapter in all of Neo Devilman. The 2nd being the hot riddle sphinx one. Ahem. Anyway, there oddly isn't any text in this chapter, just SFX so I translated them unlike whoever uploaded this chapter before to mangafox without any. Rather lazy, I would say. In any case, I also edited the levels slightly as there's always that grayish look over color pages when scanned, and ran a very light topaz filter to back that up, but I didn't want to filter it too much as details and shading would have become sorta washed out. Either way, the end result is fine. And that's about all I want I say. Hope you enjoy this... odd chapter of Neo Devilman titled "Terrd" (whatever the fuck that means) but I think I'll just refer to it as "Devil Shag" instead. Until next time. See ya!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Neo Devilman: Volume 3 Chapter 7 English Translation

Phew! Man I am glad to have this finally done. I had to shelve it for months due to Terra ForMars and a few other things that keep me constantly busy, but at least it's finally here. In that regard, the end result turned out pretty well and I am satisfied. A neat little short story if you ask me. The art help immerse myself in reading as it emphasized how bleak and hopeless life and the situation was during the course of the story. Neat stuff. Anyhow, I'm not the best at redraw so hopefully it isn't that noticeable since I had to connect the double pages and do what I could. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed it. Expect the next final chapter by Go Nagai in about a months time. I got other stuff to do, too. See ya next time!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 12 - Part 1 English Translation

Well, seems like we'll have to wait about a months time for the next chapter to come out. Not that anybody except me and the probably 1 or 2 other people that follow the series actually care. Kinda why I didn't put a page at the back of this chapter telling readers that because you can all go fuck yourselves for all I care. What are you waiting for? Get the fuck off my blog already.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Coming Schedule

Ah, yes. What are the things that I have planned after my temporary dropping of Terra ForMars may you ask? Well, first off pic unrelated. However, I would just like to mention that it was a bit sad to see that nobody picked up Infection because as it may not look like the greatest thing ever made, it still does look pretty decent and I'm sure that with translations we'll be able to further judge that for ourselves. And, that's why I'll get another chapter out sooner or later and since I said I would in the 4chan thread not too long ago, but there are some things that take priority. Now, I'll just create a list in order of how I plan to go about things for the coming weeks.
  • Higurashi: Usomabushi-hen - Part 2
  • Kyochuu Rettou: Chapter 12 - Part 1
  • Neo Devilman: Volume 3 - Chapter 7
  • Terra ForMars: Chapter 175
  • Infection: Chapter 5
  • Neo Devilman: Volume 2 - Chapter 3
  • Terra ForMars: Chapter 176
  • ???
What comes after that? Hmm, I'm unsure at the moment but I might hit up something Go Nagai because I've honestly focused too much on the Terra ForMars series and not on others. However, depending or not if Hokuto no Gun start on Violence Jack again I may do that or finish off the rest of Great Mazinger. Other than that, not thinking about much at the moment. However, you are free to suggest something in the comments section if you like. See ya!

P.S - This schedule is not definite. Things may change priority.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Terra ForMars: Chapter 174 (Part 3: Chapter 1)

I'll be brief. Tacking a weekly series by myself is too much for me to handle. I have to translate, typeset, redraw and keep pumping out content regularly which in turn has killed a few side projects of mine not to mention being tiring and frustrating. That, and my Cleaner has stopped scanlation to focus on other things in life so for this chapter I had to clean it myself after trial and error with filters, but the end result looks pretty good.

In any case, due to the above, I am efficiently dropping Terra ForMars unless another group does not pick up the series since as you may remember I only came back to catch us up to the raws which at the time was 173 and also the end of part 2. However, I wanted to give you guys a head start into the new chapters to get a feel for it and because I'm a nice guy. That said, if nobody picks this up, I'll return in about 2 weeks time with another chapter and continue but at a slower pace to give myself time to pursue other things such as that Neo Devilman chapter I've put on hold for months. Until then, thank you all for reading and have a nice day. I hope you understand See ya!

P.S. - If anyone really really really wants those Terra ForMars doujinshi's translated, then I'm willing to do them but at commission only. I asked before but there was no interest so you lost your chance for me to do them for free. But, since its porn and all, you gotta do what you gotta do. I won't charge much if anyone is interested but that'll be up for discussion. Just a note.

Terra ForMars: Miracle Jump April Oneshot (English)

The Terra ForMars Miracle Jump April Oneshot just for you. 
Had good scans for this so the end result looks pretty good.

Terra ForMars: Chapter 173 (English)

The last chapter of Part 2 and the 173rd chapter of Terra ForMars.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Terra Formars: Chapter 172 (English)

I'm not a proper redrawer so I can't do everything and that's why you had to tilt your ugly fucking heads on page 11. Now, I have asked for help on redraw in the past but to no avail so there's nothing I can do about that there. Not my problem. Other than that, I've got nothing else to say. Until next time. See ya!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Magic Knight Rayearth Tarot

These are kinda neat because I've never actually saw these before. Anyhow, there is a good bit of image corruption (not every image) here and there but it can't be helped. Every source I checked had the same so it must have been the original upload that was like that. In any case, enjoy your Magic Knight Rayearth Tarot.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 11 - Part 2 English Translation

Yippee! Finally got caught up to the raws. However, another one is due to come out in about a week or two so I'll get on that when it does and announce the monthly release then. Other than that, they used the wrong ateji for the sluts name again. Unless the original was incorrect and now they're correcting it? Who cares. For constituency, I'll just keep it as I always have. Until next time. Bye!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Magic Knight Rayearth 1996 Calendar

A 1996 Magic Knight Rayearth Calendar. Another thing I found on Facebook. Neato. Didn't notice this was on the net, either. The only other thing was some tarot cards but I'll get around to sorting those out soon, too. In any case, enjoy and have fun. See ya!

Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Album 2

Actually stumbled upon a higher quality and resolution version of this on Facebook about a week ago when I was searching the net for the RG Veda artbooks where I ended up first on a Spanish CLAMP fansite and then stumbled around a few other places before landing on Facebook. Kinda weird, huh? In any case, this was uploaded on the net before only on exhentai as far as I know in terrible quality. But, this version is much better and not a pixelated mess.

Anyhow, what this does have is stuff from the 2nd season of the anime (which reminds me how bad the designs are in comparison to CLAMP's manga) and also some neat character design pages and such at the end. If you're a fan of the series, I recommend you to check it out. See ya!


Saturday, 2 April 2016

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Kataribanashi-hen - Usomabushi-hen English Part 1

Funny enough, my buddy BaratoMaya from When They Translate asked me to scanlate this about a year ago since she had it translated around December 2014 if I remember correctly, but since at the time I wasn't too sure of my scanlation skills in general, I said to check and see if other groups may want to do it. A year later, turns out a few were asked but none committed nor did it. So, the wheels of fate spun right back around to me and I was asked again a few days ago in fact, and by this post you already know I've done half of it already. Anyhow, since this chapter itself is like 80 pages long I decided to split it into 2 releases. I'll do the next part next week as I need to get the next chapter of Kyochuu Rettou done, and then I'll jump back on Terra Formars after that. In any case, hope you enjoyed the 1st part and will early await the 2nd. See ya! And thanks for reading! Bye!

P.S. - Even went so far as to translate that hentai page at the end, and yes, that is what it says.