Sunday, 24 April 2016

Neo Devilman: Volume 1 - Chapter 3 English Translation

Now this is the weirdest chapter in all of Neo Devilman. The 2nd being the hot riddle sphinx one. Ahem. Anyway, there oddly isn't any text in this chapter, just SFX so I translated them unlike whoever uploaded this chapter before to mangafox without any. Rather lazy, I would say. In any case, I also edited the levels slightly as there's always that grayish look over color pages when scanned, and ran a very light topaz filter to back that up, but I didn't want to filter it too much as details and shading would have become sorta washed out. Either way, the end result is fine. And that's about all I want I say. Hope you enjoy this... odd chapter of Neo Devilman titled "Terrd" (whatever the fuck that means) but I think I'll just refer to it as "Devil Shag" instead. Until next time. See ya!

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