Friday, 29 April 2016

[Pintsize (Omangarl, TKS)] Michelle to Kasei Gokiburi Kindan no Jouji (Terra Formars) [Digital] English

You probably never expected to see something like this on my blog, but here it is. A Terra ForMars doujinshi. In any case, this was done by commission. A guy saw my message on the last Terra ForMars chapter I put out and contacted me not long after asking about the doujinshi in question, and here we are. Other than that, I haven't got anything else to say. Have fun reading, I'll see you next time, and if there are any doujinshi or manga out there you'll looking to have translated, then hit me up and we'll have. Until then, see ya!


  1. You should do the other doujinshi mangas of Terra Formars! I know there are 4... Or at least 4 by pintsize. You should translate them all! And do justice to the series! Thanks for continuing the chapters ;D