Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Neo Devilman: Volume 2 Chapter 3 English Translation

Kyahoooo! Glad to have this done because it also means that Neo Devilman has now been completely scanlated. Yippee! Anyway, this chapter was pretty darn good. I enjoyed it very much overall. Nagai always has that charm and flair present in his works. May that be goofy or not, it's for the most part near enough always enjoyable in some shape or form. In that regard, Go Nagai apparently thinks Hell has bars, biker-gangs, and even a downtown area. That alone gave me a great big chuckle. I mean, do they also have hell vineyards & brewery's to get their booze, hell hotels, hell casinos, hell toilets, hell nightclubs and the like? It's ridiculous and stupid but very funny. But enough of that, the chapter itself is entertaining and even features that teenage chick from Lady Devilman. However, it is a bit odd how as she mentions events from Lady which brings in the whole loop thing. In any case, I'll compile Volume 2 of Neo Devilman later on today and get it uploaded. Then, I think I'll hit back on Terra ForMars for a chapter. Until then, see ya! Rare Nagai signing off!

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