Sunday, 26 June 2016

Dante's Divine Comedy by Go Nagai Volume 2 END Chapters 38 & 39 English

Yippee! That's The Divine Comedy completely finished. Man, somebody really should have finished it off before. I mean, it was last worked on like 5 years ago and there was only about 120 pages left to do. It's not much to ask from the scanlation community, is it? Meh. Nobody gives a fuck because there isn't any big bouncy tiddies, fanservice or cute girls because money money money, gringo. Anyway, I'll get right on compiling the 2nd volume and also get the 1st out there on torrent, too. Hope you enjoyed The Divine Comedy. If you want to suggest something below in the comments section, then please do.

Chapter 38

Chapter 39

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  1. Is it finished? really?
    Fantastic, just a couple of weeks ago I searched this manga on Bakaupdates and I thought it would never be completely scanlated and now suddenly I see new chapters on batoto, and not only that, you already finished it!

    Thanks a lot, man, I'll wait for that torrent to download it at once and start reading :D