Saturday, 11 June 2016

Great Mazinger: Volume 2 - Chapter 9 (Final Chapter) English

If you're alone and you need a friend. Someone to make you forget your problems. Just come along baby take my hand. I'll be your lover tonight. Whoa oh whoa oh. This is what I wanna do. Whoa oh whoa oh. Let's have some fun. Whoa oh whoa oh. One on one just me and you. Whoa oh whoa oh. Boom boom boom boom. I want you in my room. Let's spend the night together. From now until forever. Boom boom boom boom. I wanna double boom. Let's spend the night together. Together in my room. Whoa oh whoa oh. Everybody get on down. Whoa oh whoa oh. Vengaboys are back in town.
Woo-hoo! That's Great Mazinger finished! Now, I will compile the chapters into a volume release but I want to wait a while and get some feedback so I can fix things up if need be. Other than that, is there anything Nagai in particular you would like done next? Maybe the rest of Dante's Divine Comedy or Violence Jack? Comment in the comments section below and let me know. Hope you enjoyed Great Mazinger. I sure did. Bye!


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  2. Thank you for Great Mazinger, I've really enjoyed reading it!
    Personally I'd really like Violence Jack to be finally over. It's been years since I've been waiting for a complete release!
    I'd be ok with any other title you might want to pick up, though. Any Nagai series is welcome!
    (accidentally deleted my previous comment, sorry about that)

  3. Thank you for finishing this.

  4. Well, we're working on the rest of Jack now.

  5. are you going to translate "Mazinger Z Alter Ignition"?