Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cutie Honey vs Devilman Lady Chapter 4 English

Pedicure, manicure kitty-cat claws, the way she climbs up and down them poles. Looking like one of them putty-cat dolls. Trying to hold my woodie back through my draws. Steps upstage didn't think I saw. Creeps up behind me and she's like "You're!". I'm like ya I know lets cut to the chase. No time to waste back to my place. Plus from the club to the crib it's like a mile away. Or more like a palace, shall I say. Plus I got pal if your gal is game. In fact he's the one singing the song that's playing, Akon!
Hey, convict, only one more chapter to go and that's this crossover complete. Been good so far so hopefully it'll end with a bang. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Until next time. Eric Roberts signing off!

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