Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Demon Knight (Akuma Kishi) Chapter 3 English

Well, that was a disappointing ending. Really wish this went on for a few volumes so the backstory and lore could have actually been developed than these 3 quick chapters like the Amon manga. Meh. Anyway, enjoy. I'll get back on to Saga now. Until then. Bye-bye!


  1. Interesting so they were essentially the original "Devilman" as it were, that makes me wonder as to the origins of the first merging-demons they fought with.

    1. It said in the first chapter. Ancient science was allowed to edit gene's of anything and thus the demons were created, but then they locked them away in the sealed mountains until they broke out after evolving. Did you even read it?

    2. See now. Just find it interesting to compare with other Devilman prequel side-stories, since it seems to show post-merged Lucifer as a unique Angelic being unlike in other Devilman and related series.