Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Devilman Saga Chapter 7 English v1.01

Yooooooo! God these fucking homo vibes. Damn you, Nagai. What is wrong with you? You and your fucking feminine penis fetish. No wonder you don't have any kids. Hmph. Anyway, only one more chapter to go and that's volume 1 complete. However, that's also everything I got done, too. Because I ain't got the 2nd volume so I'll have to order it sometime soon, but I want to work on something else before that so too bad for you guys expecting more right away. What will that be? Heck, I don't fucking know so I'll have to find something fast. Probably something Mazinger, however. In any case, until next time. See ya!

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Update - 24th August 2016
A few mistakes fixed. Links updated.

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