Monday, 29 August 2016

God Mazinger Chapter 1 English

Sorry for the bad scans, but that's all there is and trying to clean them up a bit kills details, tones and the like immensely. That, and I'm not too experienced in cleaning so it would take a very long time to clean them right myself. That's why they'll stay like that unless somebody wants to lend a hand and do it for me because I'm not. Anyhow, God Mazinger looks really good and since there isn't any chapters, I went ahead and chopped it apart into 18 chapters. Now, that's around 800 pages so this will take some time to get done. Meanwhile, this will be my main Nagai project until I finish it. Hope you enjoy it. Until next time. See ya!


  1. The scans are fine and I think you did a good job :) Can't wait to see it finish because sadly the God Mazinger anime never got subbed so will have to read the manga then!

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  3. you re the best! I d really hoped you went for god mazinger or violence jack!!!