Sunday, 28 August 2016

Precure Artbook Collection

A lot of these you may have already seen, but I figured that I might as well upload them because I like organizing things to be honest. In any case, I also included two doujin books as those are worth a look, too. However, I'll go through each of them and all the artbooks to let you know what exactly you're getting yourself into. First off, let's go over those two doujin books, shall we? I'm sure you're interested to hear about those, and no, they are not porn. Well, one of them is rather lewd. Anyway, let's get started.

Girls Log Vol.3 (Doujin)
Ah, yes, Girls Log Volume 3. A 16 page doujin book with various characters in a rather yuri-like style. Boing. Ahem. Nothing too worrying so it's safe to check out. Plus, it has nice art. Check it out. I'll drop a pic or two below.

Cure Brave Vol.1 (Doujin)
This can be simply put as Precure x Bikini Warriors. It features characters from Futari wa to Suite in rather nice looking armor. Lots of skin is shown but it goes well with the designs and isn't too lewd or anything. Not that I'm complaining. Heh heh heh. Hey, what are you looking at? Ahem. Cures past Suite are in Vol.2 but sadly that has not been scanned. Oh woe is me. Let's hope it does. In any case, I would recommend this. Here's a few examples.

Futago Kamikita All Precure Illustration Collection
Simply put, the title. Illustrations by Futago Kamikita and they're really good. Love the art. Also, if I remember correctly, I think some of these images were used for the manga adaptions, too. Neato.

Splash Star Memory Book
Similar to one of those TV Animation Files you see for other series. It has lots of text, character sketches, various character designs and locations, world info, DVD covers, and staff interviews. A must see for fans of Splash Star. Check it out.

Inagami Akira Toei Animation Works
Similar to the Futago Kamikita one except it's all Futari wa and Splash Star. Nice art. I like. CHECK IT OUT!

Precure 10th Anniversary Official Anniversary Book
I'll just copy what I wrote about this from before if you don't mind. Now, this isn't exactly the full thing but it's what I managed to find on the net from the likes of Zerochan and such so it should suffice. In any case, each character more or less gets a description page and a poster, it seems, and that's really it. Check it out if you're interested.

Pretty Cure All Stars DX Catalog
This one is pretty good. It's got lots of nice art, illustrations, pictures, posters, sketches, staff comments and even a neat height chart. I really liked that.

Pretty Cure Pia (Pia MOOK)
Question, what the fuck is a pia mook? Anybody? Hmph. Anyway, it's mostly character pages and some neat group illustrations. Might be worth a look.

Takahashi Akira Toei Animation Pretty Cure Works
Finally, the last one. Lots of nice art for Suite and Doki in this one by titled artist Takahashi Akira. Check it out.

Now, I hope you enjoyed this little post as I did look around for these and even compiled two of them myself off the likes of Zerochan. Had to manually download, rename and organize the 10th anniversary and Inagami Akira one's. In any case, enjoy. If I missed something, then please let me know. See ya!

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