Monday, 26 September 2016

Go Nagai Complete English Scanlation Collection v1

Okay, this is 99% of Nagai's translated works as some are in-progress and a few I still have to download. Other than that, I can't seed the torrent of this all the time on my own so that's why I uploaded it all to MEGA and that's why I'm asking to community to keep this torrent alive and any other updated versions I put out in future. Please download through MEGA and help seed even if it's not much. It took me a while to download all of this and put it together so I hope you appreciate it.

Other than that, enjoy Uncle Go's manga and spread the word. Thanks.


  1. You really out do youself. I can't find most of these ranslated works to download anywhere. Thanks a bunch.

  2. ...I've spent about 2 years compiling all these manga from separate sources, even saving it page by page from reader sites...I wish you had come along sooner...Never mind, just curious, have you any plans to translate the full violence jack series? What you have here is all I can ever find, and all the old scanners seem to have given up on it...

    1. Happy Scans actually plans to work on that so I won't touch it. But it seems pretty extreme to try and save off the online read sites. Torrents and scanlator blogs should have been your first look-up.