Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Devilman (Mitsuru Hiruta) Volume 1 (English)

This was almost 600 pages believe it or not. Though I would say it was worthwhile doing this as I doubt anyone one the net would have even touched it years from now. Not many people do this type of thing and it's not at the top of their list or on it at all even if they do. In any case, this is the entire thing slapped together into a volume release with all the credit pages removed in favor of a single one at the end. Anyhow, I also included all my credit pages and their original pics in the download if anyone is interested in those. But other than that, I haven't got anything else to say. Hope you enjoy this Devilman manga. See ya!


Made a mistake in the 2nd last chapter. It's just one page so I uploaded it separately. Just overwrite. It's in the same DL folder.

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