Thursday, 20 October 2016

Higurashi - Minaaishi-hen Part 1 English

Yup, another chapter from the anthology, but I'll be releasing it in multiple parts as I want to see if there's interest and because I've been stalling that Nagai Robo-Humans short for too long. Anyhow, I've already cleaned up all the pages for it and started translating so it'll be done soon. I just wanted to get some things out of the way first. That aside, this chapter is actually over 100 pages long so it should be good. Oh, and yeah, I'm doing this with Baratomaya from whenwetranslate again like last time, the title translates to "Everyone is Precious/Loved arc", and I was too lazy to find more meme porn images so I just reused that other one. Other than that, until next time. See ya!

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