Saturday, 22 October 2016

Robo-Humans Of The Battlefield English

This was pretty good. I would have read more it if it was more than just a short story, too. Too bad, though. Nagai could have actually made a volume story out of this. The setup sounds really interesting. Even more so seeing how it doesn't seem to be based on our Earth. Anyway, my bad for stalling it by working on other things, but it's here now so I hope you all enjoy it. Until next time. See ya!


  1. If you're still taking suggestions then there's Godsider which is 8 volumes long. Quite old, but it gives me Fist of the North Star/Jojo part 1 vibes. Can't find a description, but I found out about it in a Shonen Jump NES game and it was among other greats.

  2. To add on to lupianwolf suggestion there is ghost in the shell arise sleepless eyes that only the first volume was translated.