Monday, 5 December 2016

Full Metal Lady Chapter 1 [English] [Manga]

Yup. MORE Go Nagai! Somebody recommend this in the comments section so I decided to check it out and it looks pretty decent. That,  it's only about 120 pages long, and I really don't want to do more Omorai right now. Anyhow, I also took apart and scanned some more Asimov and Cutie Honey The Another today if anyone was wondering. Other than getting some hot glue on my hands today, this doesn't have any chapters so I'll be splitting it into 5. And I'll get on the final Yakuza Wars chapter soon enough. Enjoy the chapter. See ya next time!


  1. More Go Nagai is always great so thanks.

    If you want another metal suggestion, there's Metal K which is only one volume. Don't know the plot, but it looks like the terminator with their face melting off. There's not that many cyborg manga out there.

    1. Checked out the raws and it looks pretty cool. I'll consider it in future. I like the art and style it has going.

  2. Awesome! You actually listened to my request! You're the best!
    Thank you! :D