Sunday, 1 January 2017

5001 Yakuza Wars Volume 1 v1.01 [English] [Manga]

There wasn't that much to fix. Just a few things here and there so it's mostly the same. Anyhow, I really enjoyed this, so I hope that you all will enjoy it, too. What are you waiting for? Get to it! Start reading!!


Update - 14th January 2017
Thanks to a guy in the comments section, a few missing things were noticed. A page I missed when scanning, and a page from the chapter release of chapter 8 I somehow forgot to include in the volume compile. Don't know how that happened. Anyhow, everything is good to go now, and I've updated the DL link. ENJOY!


  1. I forgot to say thanks for this, but thanks for this. :D
    This is the type of manga I live for. Fun, silly, wild, great art. Hope to see more like this. :)

  2. Just got finished reading it, and I should mention... I noticed that pg 191 was missing from the batch volume. (However, it was there in the standalone version of ch8)

    I should also mention there's a page missing in-between pg 27 & 30.
    I'm unsure if it's pg 28 or 29 that's missing, but there's only one page there when there should be two. Unlike the last missing page, it's not in the batch or the standalone version.

  3. Ah, fuck! I never realised that. As for the missing pages, not every page had a number so I probably missed one or two when scanning. My bad. Anyhow, thanks for spotting that. I'll fix that soon.

    I missed a single page so I'll scan that now, TL it, and get the fixed version uploaded. Also, many thanks. I never noticed this myself. If you spot anything else like this, please mention it. Thanks again.

  4. This was really fun, thank you for working on it!
    Shame it only had one volume but oh well.