Friday, 27 January 2017

Futari wa Precure (Pretty Cure) Max Heart - The Movie [720p] [Anime] [English Sub]

I fixed up the old subtitles, got the timings from a Russian source but had to change the font, insert a few things they missed and also firstly type up all the English script which did take a good bit of time, changed a few things here and there and also re-translated the insert songs. However, the 1080p version shall be uploaded soon.

Anyhow, I've fallen back on translating the Futari wa manga due to this, Christmas and being busy with other things, but I'll get started on the next chapter soon enough when I get a thing or two out of the way. In any case, enjoy the first Max Heart movie. See ya!


  1. Long long time ago in Soviet Russia was made to the soft english subtitle of the second Max Heart film.

    Source - hard-sub from Arienai
    Soft-sub maker - mikepayne667

    In Soviet Russia is also avaliable full russian soft-sub for Max Heart TV.

    This message is written by dron-6z with using Google Translate (from russian to english)..

    1. Many thanks for that. I already had the Russian subs for the MaxHeart TV show (which I really appreciate them making), but the only thing I couldn't find was subs for the 2nd movie. Thanks. I'll get started on that sooner or later.