Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) Chapter 16 Part 4 [English] [Manga]

They released this chapter quicker than I thought they would, but it does seem things are finally picking up. I really wonder what's gonna happen next. Will they go all Jurassic Park 2 with this, or will they do a King Kong style expedition to the island from the boat? Or, will they escape or will they see the boat in the distant and then a big bug gobbles it all up? Hmm. Well, I'll have to wait and see about that, but I've very excited as to what will happen from this point on.
In any case, next thing I need to work on is the next Getter Robo chapter and that is the one where the bad guy with the big tits and ass appears, so do look forward to that. Also, if you've noticed, I'm back to posting random music videos in my posts. Got bored with it before and I didn't exactly have text to space it like this since I don't put much effort into writing blog posts for the most part. Anyway, enjoy this chapter. See ya next time!

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